Monday, 18 August 2008

A Tiring Weekend

Well I am very worn out from the weekend. I ended up going to two parties and got drunk.
That was not the plan.
Saturday was good as I went to the cinema with B to see the Batman film...again. I thought it was still pretty good the second time. Then me and my boyfriend went to our friends B2 and S's house. I was not intending on drinking much but ended up getting quite silly. At least not as bad as my boyfriend. By the end of the night he had no T shirt and smelt of beer and apples and had sticky hair. He was not at least, as bad as B2 was. It was a messy party but good fun nevertheless.
By Sunday I was not feeling so good but we had another "do" to go to as our friend C had been away for a year.
All I will say was, it was very dull.

Friday, 15 August 2008

An amazing birthday cake...

So, I made this really cool birthday cake for my friend B on Wednesday. He loves the Mighty Boosh so I made him a Mighty Boosh cake!
I felt I just had to share it with you.

I had a very strange night last night. I had finished work and one of my friends asked if I would go out with her and after nagging me I said I'd be her taxi. So we went out and I ended up meeting my friend DW who I have not seen in years.
We used to be really good friends and I did fancy him for a while but it was a one way thing. But it seems he was extremely friendly and very flirty which was a surprise.
I got a text from him last night saying, take care, was good to see you again xxx.
Geez, the dreaded kisses lol. He is not one to smother texts with kisses and niceness so I don't know if I'm looking into it too much? I'm hoping I am.
And what a surprise it was to find one of my boyfriends mates sucking face off another boy. I always thought he was too nice to be straight.
Anyway, the night ended with me and my friend driving to McDonalds drive through to find it was shut so we went into Asda all dolled up and yes, we got the strangest of looks.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

By Golly am i bored...

So...I finally decided to start a blog, mainly because I am extremely bored and also because I finally have something to write about.
I am so fed up right now as I have a rubbish part time job, I've finished college and am still living at home. It can only get better right?
I am waiting till September so I can finally bugger off to Uni and start my new job in adult entertainment. It's much more exciting than working in a shop all day plus i get paid a hell of a lot more. Saying this, I haven't properly started it yet lol. Just everything and everyone is waiting on me to go to uni first as its not something my parents agree with.
When I mentioned it, it caused a huge row which ended in me being kicked out of my house for a while because my mum is a prude.
I guess some people look at it differently to others.
And before you ask, I'm doing it for no reason other than the enjoyment of it. Everything else is just a perk of the job.