Tuesday, 12 August 2008

By Golly am i bored...

So...I finally decided to start a blog, mainly because I am extremely bored and also because I finally have something to write about.
I am so fed up right now as I have a rubbish part time job, I've finished college and am still living at home. It can only get better right?
I am waiting till September so I can finally bugger off to Uni and start my new job in adult entertainment. It's much more exciting than working in a shop all day plus i get paid a hell of a lot more. Saying this, I haven't properly started it yet lol. Just everything and everyone is waiting on me to go to uni first as its not something my parents agree with.
When I mentioned it, it caused a huge row which ended in me being kicked out of my house for a while because my mum is a prude.
I guess some people look at it differently to others.
And before you ask, I'm doing it for no reason other than the enjoyment of it. Everything else is just a perk of the job.

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