Monday, 18 August 2008

A Tiring Weekend

Well I am very worn out from the weekend. I ended up going to two parties and got drunk.
That was not the plan.
Saturday was good as I went to the cinema with B to see the Batman film...again. I thought it was still pretty good the second time. Then me and my boyfriend went to our friends B2 and S's house. I was not intending on drinking much but ended up getting quite silly. At least not as bad as my boyfriend. By the end of the night he had no T shirt and smelt of beer and apples and had sticky hair. He was not at least, as bad as B2 was. It was a messy party but good fun nevertheless.
By Sunday I was not feeling so good but we had another "do" to go to as our friend C had been away for a year.
All I will say was, it was very dull.

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