Monday, 29 September 2008

Bukkake Anyone?

So I am all sorted for my job.
I am off to London on Weds to get my certificate and then I have a bukkake shoot sometime.
Lol I think it will be a laugh.
I always thought they were done with Japanese girls?
Oh well, I'm going to be in one now.
Will let you know how the "shoot" goes, haha...only me that finds that funny?
Anyway, I did my first real day at uni today and now I am not sure if I even want to do this course! Trust me to change my mind. It wasn't what I expected so I might see if I can change course.
Darn! Now I have some work I'm actually going to have to start waxing again. Never mind.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


So...I have finally got an internet connection today!
My halls do not have internet so I bought a Dongle. They are quite neat.
I have to say I live in the worst halls on our campus. We live in the Ghetto of halls. Though all the girls are great. Have quite a lot of catching up to do but I won't do it all now.
I have started my course and we did a session today where we had to write 3 interesting facts about ourselves. Hmm...what to put!?
1. I'm actually a pornstar?
2. My top drawer is full of nothing other than sex toys?
3. Oh and I like cats?
I don't think so. Though it would have been funny to say.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Some rubbish news...

So yesterday I was not in the best of moods, mainly because I got an email from my university telling me I cannot take my car to uni because my application for a parking permit has been unsuccessful.
Just what is the point?
So now I am going to have to use the bus service (if you can call it a service) again! Urgh I really dislike using the bus and it always costs too much money considering it never comes on time. I guess it makes little difference for my job but it's rubbish for uni.
Now I have to see if I can lend my car to someone as I'm not willing to leave it sitting, undriven for a year.
So I guess I need to find someone who wont trash my little car. I almost felt upset lol I didn't realise how much I loved my car. He is the best car ever. (Yes, he is a boy car.)
I spoke to my brother and he said if he passes his test next week he will look after him.
I am not looking forward to all this uni business half as much anymore. It just seems to cost a lot of money and also be a lot of hassle!
On an up note I did find a health clinic which specialises in Adult Entertainment. So looks like that's where I'll be getting the health cert from.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Thought i'd share this...

I was just reading this blog and there was a link to this photographers work and I had to share it.
Thought id give you a sneak peek to see what it's like :D
There are some really great erotic shots which I love. Now it would be amazing to work with a photographer like her!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Isn't that a bit weird?

So I had an interesting weekend. Or at least Saturday was interesting.
Another night out with my friends again for someone's birthday. We met them in the pub and who happens to be there but DW and L.
I seem to be speaking to the two of them a lot lately. By the time I was there I was already far too drunk and for some unknown reason I ended up telling DW about my new job. He was surprised but didn't really seem to mind. By later that night though he would not stop flirting with me. I found it all a little bit odd.
So by later on when we were both "plastered" he asked me if he could film me and he was deadly serious.
So I asked who would it be with and he suggested L. I laughed. So he asked L and he said yes?
I know I did used to fancy L a lot and he did ask me out once but I did not think he still felt that way. I certainly don't. He is good looking maybe but I wouldn't date him. But would I shag him for work? That I'm not sure.
I don't know if it's just me or is that not a little bit weird for your friend to want to film you shagging another friend? I am now a little worried and think maybe I should not have said anything at all...