Monday, 8 September 2008

Isn't that a bit weird?

So I had an interesting weekend. Or at least Saturday was interesting.
Another night out with my friends again for someone's birthday. We met them in the pub and who happens to be there but DW and L.
I seem to be speaking to the two of them a lot lately. By the time I was there I was already far too drunk and for some unknown reason I ended up telling DW about my new job. He was surprised but didn't really seem to mind. By later that night though he would not stop flirting with me. I found it all a little bit odd.
So by later on when we were both "plastered" he asked me if he could film me and he was deadly serious.
So I asked who would it be with and he suggested L. I laughed. So he asked L and he said yes?
I know I did used to fancy L a lot and he did ask me out once but I did not think he still felt that way. I certainly don't. He is good looking maybe but I wouldn't date him. But would I shag him for work? That I'm not sure.
I don't know if it's just me or is that not a little bit weird for your friend to want to film you shagging another friend? I am now a little worried and think maybe I should not have said anything at all...


  1. Extremely weird I would say....

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