Thursday, 23 October 2008

Shooting For Ady Ide

So yesterday I did my second scene!
I was working for Andy Ide for Television X. I had to get up really early to start for 9am. When I eventually arrived I was greeted by Andy and the make up artist Sarah.
I got my hair and make up done then I had to get into my outfit, a Victorian themed dress. I must say that once I was all done it did look really amazing. You don't get to dress like that everyday!
I was doing the scene with Clarke Kent who was lovely but kept making me laugh. He was good fun to work with.
I will post some photo's when I get some because you just have to see the outfits.
I will admit it was a hard day but it was very fun. At one point, someone walked in whilst we were shooting. They left pretty quickly!
As the "make up" room was on a different floor to the one we were shooting, we had to keep going up and down the stairs and we sure did get some funny looks.
Sarah also said that you could hear the table creaking from up the stairs. I bet the people in the other offices felt pretty uncomfortable!
I am quite excited about this one coming out. It is going to be for a series called Gentlemen's Relish.
The only downside is that today I am achy everywhere and I have a big bruise on my bum!


  1. What do you study at uni?

    A random question I suppose..a guy not asking about the sex?


  2. Satine, can you please let us know when it's out, so we can have a look-see! Thanks!

  3. lol I dont mind, it's nice to be asked something different sometimes!
    I am studying Fashion Marketing.

    And yes I am pretty sure I will be letting everyone know when it comes out!