Friday, 17 October 2008

Working with Relish

Hello boys (and girls if there are any of you?)
So on Wednesday I did my first shoot!
It was down in London and I was working in the evening for Relish.
I was working with a guy called Christian and he was from America. Was a bit daunting at first because he was twice the size of me! I felt very short.
Everyone introduced themselves and they were all really nice. So I got ready etc, to find that they had changed their minds and I was going to be wearing the clothes I came in. How typical. The story was basically that I was someone's sister who had came into the office and said that I could be a ponstar. So I end up having sex on camera.
Here's me showing my boobs! You can thank Christian for the photo's as he took them. I just stole a couple to use :D

I had to do some stills to start with after a bit of warming up and then we did the filming. We had to do a hardcore and softcore version for it too.
The whole shoot was great fun and there was soo much stuff I didn't know but Christian helped me out. I ended up with a great cumshot on my glasses though lol.

Only downside was it ended up in my eye. Ouch! And it didn't help that I hit my head off the ceiling earlier in the day. That was from Christians silliness lol. But I was OK.
Everyone said I did a great job so I'm mega pleased with how it turned out and I just cant wait till the next one! Which is in fact on Wednesday!
The shoot was for Fresh Off The Bus so look out for me in a few months!
Christian also has his own blog all about work and stuff. Here's the link. Check out his post about me. I think my head might explode.
After we were done I was knackered so me and Christian got the tube back as we were headed in the same direction.
Here's a pic of us on the tube.

When I finally got to the train station there was a guy running around naked with a load of security guards chasing him. It was rather funny.
All in all it was a real fun day and I got to have loads of sex. What more could I ask for?

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  1. I LOVE the cumshot! I am really looking forward to seeing lots more!