Sunday, 30 November 2008

I hate uni work!

Well I have had a pretty good weekend indeed.
Lol it seems like I always say that?
I got to take sneaky photo's in Primark for my uni work. I think I may have looked a bit weird to some people? Ah well...
Then I went out on Saturday night for another Friends birthday and I went to this brilliant venue. I'm not really sure if you would call it a club or what but it was basically a load of rooms with lots of rock music!
I met a load of friends there and danced like a fool for most of the night. :D
It was pretty fun but ended up I had to get a taxi back on my own as no one lived the same way as me!
In the morning I found I had bought and forgotten about some cheesy chips? lol trust me when I say this, they DO NOT look good the next day.
I have pretty much relaxed today and attempted some uni work but I am just not in the mood. Only problem is I have to finish it tonight as I have to get up at 6am tomorrow to go to Manchester!
Anyway, I guess I should try to finish this work.
Hmm...If only I had a netbook.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Itsy Bitsy Bikini!

Well I have FINALLY gotten round to posting these cheeky pictures up on my blog!
It really is a tiny bikini isn't it? Lol could you imagine going to the beach in that?
So let me know what you think? Was it a great pressie or what!?
I think it's fab :D

I also went to see Jimmy Carr tonight and he was brilliant! :) He was soo funny, it was a great night out and the boyfriend seemed to enjoy himself too which is good seeming as it was for his birthday and all!
If you get the chance, definitely go and see Jimmy Carr as he is really good live. But don't go to see
him if you don't like crude, dry jokes.
So basically today I had a brilliant day!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

It's Christmas Soon!...ish

Woo! lol I am in a really Christmassy mood today and you know why?
Because I saw the Coca Cola advert on telly!
I think everyone should watch it as it will put you in a great mood all day.

It reminds me of being a little kid again. :)
Lol, I also came back to a very random scene in the hallway to our flat.
Don't ask I have no idea why it was like that?
The next day our little Christmas tree had disappeared? Someone stole it!

So I have a shoot booked for Tuesday now :) Should be a fun day! I have to go to Manchester on Monday again to renew my health cert so hopefully everything will go to plan and I will get my results back on time!
I'm off to see Jimmy Carr on Friday night in Wolverhampton with the boyfriend so I'll be sure to let you know if I meet him! (Jimmy Carr that is) I think it will be a very funny night.
And just like I promised, pictures of me in my itsy, bitsy bikini will be up tomorrow! :D

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sorry Guys! (and Girls)

I have been rather busy with uni work lately as I have some deadlines coming up soon so I apologise for my lack of blogging!
I have not got round to taking photo's of that gorgeous tiny bikini yet but I will make sure they are up by the end of the week! :)
I finally got emailed some more photo's from the awards so take a look.
I guess I wasn't looking at the camera that time!

That's better :) lol I see Peter Oh Tool has appeared too?

A great picture of me Katie K, Sophie, MATT! :D and Scott (Cate Harrington's Scott) and then one of the girls!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

A sneak peek from Film Erotica...

Well my ankle is a lot less swollen today, but it is all bruised!
I do hope its all better for work!
I got sent a few pics from my shoot with Film Erotica today. I thought I'd let you get a little look for yourselves.

A big thanks to Matt (My agent and the Film Erotica photographer!) for the photo's.
I think they look really sexy, I hope you like them too!

I was also just catching up on all my emails today when I saw another post of me on SimonD's Blog.
Take a look, there are a few more photo's from the shoot on there. LINK
No work coming up yet, I am still waiting to hear back from a few people.
I did get a great surprise in the post the other day though!
Now do you remember when I posted about this guy who I said was a really big fan?
Well he is known only as Marty and he is my most favourite fan and also my biggest? He sent me this teeny tiny bikini and flip flops in the post and I got them yesterday!
I am going to take some sexy photo's of me in them and post them up here tomorrow.
Thanks Marty! Your the best!
Also, If you guys haven't already, Add me on my Myspace and/or Facebook.
I haven't been on them for too long and it would be great to get a few friends on them!

Friday, 21 November 2008

UKAFTA Awards!

Well after going to the hospital I found I had just sprained my ankle lol. Lucky for me!
So last night was the UKAFTA's!
I had the most amazing night ever, even though my ankle was sprained.
I met up with Matt, Katie K (Who I really loved) and Kaycee and we went for lunch before heading to the hotel to get ready.
When we got to the awards it was not so busy but it soon started filling up with plenty of famous pornstars!
I was sitting at the Playboy table along with a few of the girls from Laura Lee. On the table were, Me, Matt, Katie K, Sophie, Kaycee, Brooke, Peter OhTool, Scott and Paul and Andy from Playboy!
We had champers and wine on the table and a really yummy 3 course meal along with some bands and singers who I didn't know lol. Here is the most amazing drink there.

It's Pussy juice!
So the awards went under-way and by this point I was getting bought lots of drinks!
The gorgeous Keisha Kane won Best Female Actress and Cate Harrington won Female Perfomrer of the year.
Here is a list of all the winners! LINK
After that the music was turned up and pornstars started dancing!
I'm afraid I don't have a photo but Andy from Playboy and Lala started a very "different" dance.
I was introduced to lots of other people including Theo (Who was soo lovely!), James who is new to the books at Laura Lee and a few people who I'm afraid their names have escaped me.
The night was brilliant and I was absolutely knackered by he end of it!
Here are a few pictures of me and the girls. I am still waiting for an email of the other photo's!

I also heard that the TVX Mole was there!
Well we got up the next morning and me and Matt headed off for Erotica!
It was not hugely busy and there were not an awful lot of stalls about but whilst I was there I did see Keisha Kane again as well as Lana!
If your not busy tomorrow I suggest you get yourself down there as Katie K will be about at the Strictly Broadband stall.
I ended up buying a few bits for myself but I ended up going home in the evening and then I had to catch up on all of my emails from you lot!
I am hoping to have a very lazy weekend now.
Catch you all later! x

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wednesday's shoot - Bluebird (and an unexpected error!)

So I did do a shoot yesterday!
I had a lecture in the morning then I headed straight down to Hersham which is just south of London. After arriving there earlier than expected I got put straight into hair and make-up. The make-up lady was fab and whilst I was waiting there I met two of the contract girls at Bluebird. It was a really great atmosphere as there were people coming in and out most of the day.
Today was a teen style shoot with a guy called Carlo. All the girls said he was gorgeous and that they didn't want him to go a he is only here till Tuesday!
After make-up I had to change into my outfit which ended up changing twice lol. The lovely Megan picked out my outfit and got some great photo's of me in it!

The idea was that I was a dinner girl on roller skates but it was to more of a German beerfest theme. I have to say I thought the outfit was fab! Here is a pick of the roller skates too!

I apologise again for my terrible blurry photo's! I'm always in a rush so never really get the chance to stand still!
The scene went really well. I got to skate around for a bit before offering to suck cock and then sex ensues! Lol I always love the way they get to sex in porn films. Carlo was brilliant to work with and we just seemed to flow really well. So well that Nick, our main cameraman just left us to it. I think it went brilliantly and I really enjoyed my day.
I'm not sure when this ones out but I know its internet only and it was called "Before I'm 21".
After a really good day I also found I might have some work with Harmony too!
Me, Nick and Carlo then got the train back together and chatted about all sorts of things like sports, sports, sport, oh, did I mention sports? Lol I guess men just can't help themselves.
We did chat about various people in the industry too.
We said our goodbyes to Carlo as he got off before us and me and Nick then headed for the tube. On the way there I managed to slip down the bottom step and fell on my right ankle. It was soo painful and I felt like a right idiot! And how typical that I fall over AFTER a whole day on roller skates! Luckily Nick helped me up again and I hobbled all the way home. When I got back and had a good look at it I realised it was REALLY swollen. Here's a pic of it!

I guess you can't see it so well there but I woke up this morning and it hurts so bad. I'm waiting to get a lift from the boyfriend to the hospital!
I really hope nothing is wrong with it because I really want to go to the awards this evening!
Why do I have to be soo clumsy?

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Great start to a great week!

So far this week is looking really good! And it's only just started!
Yesterday as you know I was posted about on SimonD's Blog (Have a look if you haven't already!)
and I also found that I had been written about on another blog! :D
This is the LINK to the post about me. It is the TelevisionX Mole's blog and I'm really pleased about how nice everyone is being!
Thanks guys.
I may possibly be doing another shoot tomorrow but I'm not sure about it right now, you will know by tomorrow if I have.
Then it's off to the UKAFTA's on Thursday! I have my ticket sorted now so all I have to do is make myself look great for the day!
I really hope the whole week will be as good as the start has been!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Shooting for SimonD

So yesterday I did a shoot for SimonD and it was soo much fun!
It was a little weird working on a Sunday but it was definitely worth it!
The shoot was in Shrewsbury so as I was home all weekend I decided to take the car and drive up. I left really early as I thought it would take a long time to get there but I ended up getting there really early! Lol, Simon wasn't even ready yet.
So after a chat and a cup of tea we got started on the shoot. I was going to be doing 5 sets of photos and one video for Suburban Amateurs and then a photo set for Escort Magazine. (I had a look but there doesn't appear to be a website just for Escort.)
In the end I did 4 sets of photos and one video for Suburban and a photo set AND a video for Escort magazine which could be on Escort DVD too.
The videos were great fun. I do love getting to fuck myself on camera!
They were loads of fun to do and I would definitely work with him again. I don't have any photo's at the moment but Simon said he would send me some and that some will probably be on his BLOG today!
So you may get a sneak peek of the shoot. I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I get some.
I will also let you know about the Escort stuff too. I will definitely be getting myself a copy!
Well that's all for now but I'll keep you all updated.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Zac and Miri make a Porno

So last night I went to the cinema to see Zac and Miri.
I have to say, Kevin Smith just never gets it wrong. The film was soo funny I would definitely recommend going to see it.
I thought it was more funny that there is actually a pornstar in the film. Katie Morgan who plays the ditsy blonde in the film. She is very funny.
I also have quite a lot of news!
On Sunday I have a shoot booked with SimonD for a solo shoot so I will let you know all about that tomorrow.
I have been asked to do a shoot for Escort magazine but this has not been confirmed yet so who knows what will come of it.
And my most exciting news...I am going to the UKAFTA's on Thurdays night!
For those of you who do not know what this is, it's one of the big UK porn award's which is often full of celebrities! Last year Snoop Dogg and Will Smith were there.
I am very excited as you can guess. I will be going there with Matt and a few of the girls from LauraLee. So I have been debating what to wear for the past couple of days!
I will be sure to bring my camera with me and get LOTS of photo's!
The day after that I will also hopefully be going to Erotica. This is an adult exhibition about all things sex related so if your free on Friday, Saturday or Sunday get your ticket and get down to London.
So looks like I have another packed week ahead of me!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pictures from Andy Ide Shoot

So...I looked in my inbox today and guess what was in there?
Pictures from my shoot with Andy Ide for the Gentlemen's Relish series.
I think they are absolutely brilliant. Hope you like them too!

Didn't I just tell you that the outfits were amazing!?
Other than that I have not really done anything except work today! I have bee working on a presentation for tomorrow, well actually for today now, from 2pm!
I am knackered and I'm going to bed.
I'll leave you with a little something to enjoy! You will have to thank Andy Ide for the magnificent photo's as they were all taken by him.

*Pics from the other day are up now. They just do not give that hotel justice!*

Monday, 10 November 2008

Working for Nev

Where to start?
I have not exactly been really busy today but the plan for the day must have changed about 5 times!
I was told on Sunday that I needed to get into London for 12pm which is a great start time I think! So I spoke to Matt and we decided to meet up for 11.30am and head down together.
I knew I was working with Clarke and from the message I had gotten the night before it sounded as though there was to be another girl! Oh yes!
When I met up with Matt we had to wait on Sophie Elle who made me feel really short! She was lovely though and as far as I am aware the original plan was with me, Sophie Elle, Clarke and another guy to be doing a scene or two. (Not sure who the other guy was though)
When we met up with Nev we found that the plan had changed. The other guy was not going to be here for unknown reasons and as this was Sophie's first shoot they had prepared a back up girl in case she pulled out. In the end there were three girls, including me and one guy.
Hmm...It seems to me that there are not enough men here?
I am not sure of the name of this film but it was shot for Film Erotica and it will eventually be aired on Playboy in February.
Well we had lunch with Nev and the cameraman (Alex) and this German guy called Heinz who seemed to be doing errands I think? So after changing the story a few times Sophie was now shooting with Clarke as it was her first time they wanted it to be nice and simple. Then I was going to be doing a scene with her afterwards.
I must admit I was a bit annoyed at this because originally I was meant to be doing two scenes and one was meant to be with a guy. I would not have minded so much if I had did just one scene with Sophie in the morning as then I would have gotten to go home but they changed their minds about that as it was her first scene. I can understand why people get annoyed at new girls now!
We went up to the hotel which was really nice and I ended up waiting a VERY long time before I got to do my shoot.
Here's a few photo's of the waiting room lol.

When they were finally ready for me I did a short scene with Sophie of us kissing on the street. It was pretty funny as all the guys kept gawping at us whilst they were walking down the street and we got a fair few wolf whistles! That made Nicola get embarrassed but I found it rather funny.
After that Sophie went home and I was ready to do my scene with the back up girl Lana! She was this gorgeous Russian who has been working for a couple of months. We were doing a girl/girl scene if you haven't already guessed and it was a LOT of fun!
The story was that I was a prostitute who had been booked by a Mr Barker and when I got to the room, there was Lana. I then find out that Lana had in fact booked me and pretended to be Mr Barker. Porn with a twist!
When I find out I am shocked but excited and she soon shows me how to have a good time. The shoot was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Lana has the softest, most tastiest lips ever! (And I mean both sets! :D)
I'm going to try and get some photo's of this one for you all as it was a fantastic shoot. One of the guys had to leave halfway through before he embarrassed himself!
After the scene we all made our way to the tube and headed home.
I wish I had some more photo's and I was hoping to have gotten a few phone numbers but everyone was so busy being rushed in then out that I never gotten the chance. It was real nice to have loads of people about all day though. It made a good atmosphere for working in.
Well, that's all I got to say for now. I have to revise for an exam!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Remember the 5th November... I certainly don't!

Well last night was quite an enjoyable day/night.
Me and some of the girls/guys from the flat decided to go out for dinner. We didn't see the fireworks as they are not very good over here.
We were planning on going out for Tapas at La Tasca so when we finally left at about 8pm we went there to find it was shut! How typical.
Apparently they have technical difficulties? Hmm...
So we trundled down the street and decided to go out to Ask for some Italian instead.
I must say the food was much better than I thought it would be.
After that most people went home but a few of us went out to the Weatherspoon's for a drink, or three!
We went into another pub/club and was I surprised when I went to the toilets!
Just take a look at these! I apologise for the blurry pictures.

I ended up going out for most of the night and I had lectures at 9am the next day. oops!
Well, I woke up in the morning and I felt pretty ill. Not just a hangover though, I don't tend to get hangovers. I felt soo run down and it seems I have gotten ill, again!
So I have spent most of today in my bed.
To cheer the rest of you up, here's a sneak peek of some of the photo's I did with Matt the other day!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Catch-up of the Weekend..

So I have been very, very busy this weekend!
As you all know it was Halloween which means, fancy dress and lots of parties!
So for Friday I went out as Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd
Then on Saturday I went as an evil Alice in Wonderland.
Saturday night was brilliant and I ended up drinking far too much. So I spent most of Sunday recovering from the nights events. I also went to the cinema with the boyfriend to see...Quantum Of Solace!
I did enjoy it very much and I won't tell you anything. You will have to see it for yourselves.
Then onto M0nday.
I had to go and re-new my health cert so I went up to Manchester. Whilst I was there I met up with my agent Matt and we took a couple of photo's for my profile.
I had to wait on Matt so I decided to explore some of Manchester. I took this photo of the Quays which I thought were gorgeous.

It was pretty funny as we had to find somewhere "inconspicuous" to do the photo's. This turned out to be quite difficult!
Well we managed a good few photo's and I have not been arrested...yet!
After that we had a drink and I sorted out my shoot tomorrow. The original shoot I was meant to be doing was cancelled because we felt a little funny about it. They were avoiding too many questions. So it just happened that one of the girls had pulled out of a shoot with Andy P for Television X. So I was put to cover her for the shoot today.
And guess who I happened to be working with, Clarke Kent.
As it was quite out of the way from London I decided to stay over the night before.
What a mistake!
I had to go straight from Manchester to my flat, then straight back out again to this house in Longfield. I got there by 9.30pm.
I was absolutely knackered by the end of it and It turned out that I was going to be the only one staying there so I had a snoop around and then headed to bed.
And what a bed it was!

I got up early the next morning ready for the shoot. The make up artist was lovely and I have to thank him fo some amazing make up! I actually loved it.
Then we got to work for the scene.
It was a Christmas special (Yes I know what your thinking, It's not bloody Christmas yet!) and Clarke was playing Santa Clause. He did look amusing with white hair. I was dressed in Christmas-y clothes and was shocked at Santa coming down my chimney. I'm sure you get the idea. Anyway It was a pretty fun scene to shoot as we got to make up some of our lines and some of them were hilarious!
Here is a couple of pictures of my outfit.

We finished up around 3pm and by the time I was sorted to go I had missed the casting for Harmony. I was too tired anyway so me, Clarke and the make up man :D got the train back to Victoria. We were chatting on the way back and guess who I am meant to be working with on Monday? Clarke Kent...again! lol It seems we are getting booked for lots of work together.
I have had a brilliant but tiring day today.
Oh, and I seem to have gotten my cold back again. I could not taste my dinner! I blame Clarke for that! I had just about gotten rid of it too!