Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Catch-up of the Weekend..

So I have been very, very busy this weekend!
As you all know it was Halloween which means, fancy dress and lots of parties!
So for Friday I went out as Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd
Then on Saturday I went as an evil Alice in Wonderland.
Saturday night was brilliant and I ended up drinking far too much. So I spent most of Sunday recovering from the nights events. I also went to the cinema with the boyfriend to see...Quantum Of Solace!
I did enjoy it very much and I won't tell you anything. You will have to see it for yourselves.
Then onto M0nday.
I had to go and re-new my health cert so I went up to Manchester. Whilst I was there I met up with my agent Matt and we took a couple of photo's for my profile.
I had to wait on Matt so I decided to explore some of Manchester. I took this photo of the Quays which I thought were gorgeous.

It was pretty funny as we had to find somewhere "inconspicuous" to do the photo's. This turned out to be quite difficult!
Well we managed a good few photo's and I have not been arrested...yet!
After that we had a drink and I sorted out my shoot tomorrow. The original shoot I was meant to be doing was cancelled because we felt a little funny about it. They were avoiding too many questions. So it just happened that one of the girls had pulled out of a shoot with Andy P for Television X. So I was put to cover her for the shoot today.
And guess who I happened to be working with, Clarke Kent.
As it was quite out of the way from London I decided to stay over the night before.
What a mistake!
I had to go straight from Manchester to my flat, then straight back out again to this house in Longfield. I got there by 9.30pm.
I was absolutely knackered by the end of it and It turned out that I was going to be the only one staying there so I had a snoop around and then headed to bed.
And what a bed it was!

I got up early the next morning ready for the shoot. The make up artist was lovely and I have to thank him fo some amazing make up! I actually loved it.
Then we got to work for the scene.
It was a Christmas special (Yes I know what your thinking, It's not bloody Christmas yet!) and Clarke was playing Santa Clause. He did look amusing with white hair. I was dressed in Christmas-y clothes and was shocked at Santa coming down my chimney. I'm sure you get the idea. Anyway It was a pretty fun scene to shoot as we got to make up some of our lines and some of them were hilarious!
Here is a couple of pictures of my outfit.

We finished up around 3pm and by the time I was sorted to go I had missed the casting for Harmony. I was too tired anyway so me, Clarke and the make up man :D got the train back to Victoria. We were chatting on the way back and guess who I am meant to be working with on Monday? Clarke Kent...again! lol It seems we are getting booked for lots of work together.
I have had a brilliant but tiring day today.
Oh, and I seem to have gotten my cold back again. I could not taste my dinner! I blame Clarke for that! I had just about gotten rid of it too!


  1. Hey Satine
    Sounds like you've been having a great time! Clarke Kent is a really lucky guy (so is your boyfriend).

    Shame you missed the Harmony casting - can you try out again for them? I am sure they'll want you anyway!

    I can't wait to see some more pics. You really should shoot with SimonD from Suburban Amateurs.

    You look amazing as Mrs Claus. I'd love to sit on your lap and let you tell me I've been a naughty boy!

    Feel free to post on my too!

    Lots of love


  2. Hi Satine

    You said you shot some pics with Matt for your profile. Can we see them, please?

    Also, can you fill us in on some of the details of the Santa shoot? What did you do, how did you feel, etc?

    Looking forward to seeing lots of you!