Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pictures from Andy Ide Shoot

So...I looked in my inbox today and guess what was in there?
Pictures from my shoot with Andy Ide for the Gentlemen's Relish series.
I think they are absolutely brilliant. Hope you like them too!

Didn't I just tell you that the outfits were amazing!?
Other than that I have not really done anything except work today! I have bee working on a presentation for tomorrow, well actually for today now, from 2pm!
I am knackered and I'm going to bed.
I'll leave you with a little something to enjoy! You will have to thank Andy Ide for the magnificent photo's as they were all taken by him.

*Pics from the other day are up now. They just do not give that hotel justice!*


  1. Wow Satine!

    You look so amazing!

    The gloves make you look so classy, and your hair is done to perfection!

    I'd really love to see the cum shot. Would that be at all possible? If not, a description of it would be great - I love your writing style, and I know you'll be able to give a description justice!

    Can't wait to see so much more of you!

    Lots of love

    (#1 Fan)

  2. Hi Satine

    I enjoy hearing about your non-porn life just as much as I enjoy reading about your porn life. You have such a great writing style. I check back every day, because I love reading what you write so much!