Friday, 21 November 2008

UKAFTA Awards!

Well after going to the hospital I found I had just sprained my ankle lol. Lucky for me!
So last night was the UKAFTA's!
I had the most amazing night ever, even though my ankle was sprained.
I met up with Matt, Katie K (Who I really loved) and Kaycee and we went for lunch before heading to the hotel to get ready.
When we got to the awards it was not so busy but it soon started filling up with plenty of famous pornstars!
I was sitting at the Playboy table along with a few of the girls from Laura Lee. On the table were, Me, Matt, Katie K, Sophie, Kaycee, Brooke, Peter OhTool, Scott and Paul and Andy from Playboy!
We had champers and wine on the table and a really yummy 3 course meal along with some bands and singers who I didn't know lol. Here is the most amazing drink there.

It's Pussy juice!
So the awards went under-way and by this point I was getting bought lots of drinks!
The gorgeous Keisha Kane won Best Female Actress and Cate Harrington won Female Perfomrer of the year.
Here is a list of all the winners! LINK
After that the music was turned up and pornstars started dancing!
I'm afraid I don't have a photo but Andy from Playboy and Lala started a very "different" dance.
I was introduced to lots of other people including Theo (Who was soo lovely!), James who is new to the books at Laura Lee and a few people who I'm afraid their names have escaped me.
The night was brilliant and I was absolutely knackered by he end of it!
Here are a few pictures of me and the girls. I am still waiting for an email of the other photo's!

I also heard that the TVX Mole was there!
Well we got up the next morning and me and Matt headed off for Erotica!
It was not hugely busy and there were not an awful lot of stalls about but whilst I was there I did see Keisha Kane again as well as Lana!
If your not busy tomorrow I suggest you get yourself down there as Katie K will be about at the Strictly Broadband stall.
I ended up buying a few bits for myself but I ended up going home in the evening and then I had to catch up on all of my emails from you lot!
I am hoping to have a very lazy weekend now.
Catch you all later! x

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Next year I am sure you'll be receiving an award yourself!

    You look absolutely gorgeous in the pics, and the blue dress suits you so well.

    Hope the ankle's a lot better!