Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wednesday's shoot - Bluebird (and an unexpected error!)

So I did do a shoot yesterday!
I had a lecture in the morning then I headed straight down to Hersham which is just south of London. After arriving there earlier than expected I got put straight into hair and make-up. The make-up lady was fab and whilst I was waiting there I met two of the contract girls at Bluebird. It was a really great atmosphere as there were people coming in and out most of the day.
Today was a teen style shoot with a guy called Carlo. All the girls said he was gorgeous and that they didn't want him to go a he is only here till Tuesday!
After make-up I had to change into my outfit which ended up changing twice lol. The lovely Megan picked out my outfit and got some great photo's of me in it!

The idea was that I was a dinner girl on roller skates but it was to more of a German beerfest theme. I have to say I thought the outfit was fab! Here is a pick of the roller skates too!

I apologise again for my terrible blurry photo's! I'm always in a rush so never really get the chance to stand still!
The scene went really well. I got to skate around for a bit before offering to suck cock and then sex ensues! Lol I always love the way they get to sex in porn films. Carlo was brilliant to work with and we just seemed to flow really well. So well that Nick, our main cameraman just left us to it. I think it went brilliantly and I really enjoyed my day.
I'm not sure when this ones out but I know its internet only and it was called "Before I'm 21".
After a really good day I also found I might have some work with Harmony too!
Me, Nick and Carlo then got the train back together and chatted about all sorts of things like sports, sports, sport, oh, did I mention sports? Lol I guess men just can't help themselves.
We did chat about various people in the industry too.
We said our goodbyes to Carlo as he got off before us and me and Nick then headed for the tube. On the way there I managed to slip down the bottom step and fell on my right ankle. It was soo painful and I felt like a right idiot! And how typical that I fall over AFTER a whole day on roller skates! Luckily Nick helped me up again and I hobbled all the way home. When I got back and had a good look at it I realised it was REALLY swollen. Here's a pic of it!

I guess you can't see it so well there but I woke up this morning and it hurts so bad. I'm waiting to get a lift from the boyfriend to the hospital!
I really hope nothing is wrong with it because I really want to go to the awards this evening!
Why do I have to be soo clumsy?


  1. **Kisses better**

  2. Hi Satine. Can you please let us know how your foot is when you get back from hospital. I hope you're still OK to go to the awards tonight!