Monday, 10 November 2008

Working for Nev

Where to start?
I have not exactly been really busy today but the plan for the day must have changed about 5 times!
I was told on Sunday that I needed to get into London for 12pm which is a great start time I think! So I spoke to Matt and we decided to meet up for 11.30am and head down together.
I knew I was working with Clarke and from the message I had gotten the night before it sounded as though there was to be another girl! Oh yes!
When I met up with Matt we had to wait on Sophie Elle who made me feel really short! She was lovely though and as far as I am aware the original plan was with me, Sophie Elle, Clarke and another guy to be doing a scene or two. (Not sure who the other guy was though)
When we met up with Nev we found that the plan had changed. The other guy was not going to be here for unknown reasons and as this was Sophie's first shoot they had prepared a back up girl in case she pulled out. In the end there were three girls, including me and one guy.
Hmm...It seems to me that there are not enough men here?
I am not sure of the name of this film but it was shot for Film Erotica and it will eventually be aired on Playboy in February.
Well we had lunch with Nev and the cameraman (Alex) and this German guy called Heinz who seemed to be doing errands I think? So after changing the story a few times Sophie was now shooting with Clarke as it was her first time they wanted it to be nice and simple. Then I was going to be doing a scene with her afterwards.
I must admit I was a bit annoyed at this because originally I was meant to be doing two scenes and one was meant to be with a guy. I would not have minded so much if I had did just one scene with Sophie in the morning as then I would have gotten to go home but they changed their minds about that as it was her first scene. I can understand why people get annoyed at new girls now!
We went up to the hotel which was really nice and I ended up waiting a VERY long time before I got to do my shoot.
Here's a few photo's of the waiting room lol.

When they were finally ready for me I did a short scene with Sophie of us kissing on the street. It was pretty funny as all the guys kept gawping at us whilst they were walking down the street and we got a fair few wolf whistles! That made Nicola get embarrassed but I found it rather funny.
After that Sophie went home and I was ready to do my scene with the back up girl Lana! She was this gorgeous Russian who has been working for a couple of months. We were doing a girl/girl scene if you haven't already guessed and it was a LOT of fun!
The story was that I was a prostitute who had been booked by a Mr Barker and when I got to the room, there was Lana. I then find out that Lana had in fact booked me and pretended to be Mr Barker. Porn with a twist!
When I find out I am shocked but excited and she soon shows me how to have a good time. The shoot was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Lana has the softest, most tastiest lips ever! (And I mean both sets! :D)
I'm going to try and get some photo's of this one for you all as it was a fantastic shoot. One of the guys had to leave halfway through before he embarrassed himself!
After the scene we all made our way to the tube and headed home.
I wish I had some more photo's and I was hoping to have gotten a few phone numbers but everyone was so busy being rushed in then out that I never gotten the chance. It was real nice to have loads of people about all day though. It made a good atmosphere for working in.
Well, that's all I got to say for now. I have to revise for an exam!


  1. Hey Satine
    Can't wait to see the pics. Shame you didn't get a good deep dicking - your poor pussy! Was Clarke Kent as disappointed as you were that you guys didn't fuck?

  2. Hey Satine
    I am looking forward to seeing the pics from the waiting room! I hope your phone recharges soon!