Saturday, 27 December 2008

Just a Quick Note...

To say that I had a little post about me on the TVX Mole's Blog.
He always says lovely things about me!
Also, I didn't realise there was a repeat of my video on last night at 11pm.
If anyone watched it, I hope you enjoyed it and it would be lovely to get some feedback!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

I have had a fab Christmas and I really hope that all the rest of you have!
I got lots of great presents including The Dark Knight so I will definitely be watching that tonight!
I may not be blogging so much the next couple of days as I am visiting family and all the usual Christmassy stuff.
Keep an eye out for my video on Television X. I'll let you know when I see it up! I missed it yesterday as I was busy losing at bowling, lol. For those of you that did catch it, I hope you enjoyed it!
And to keep you in the Christmas spirit, here are the rest of those naughty pictures!

I'll leave it at that as I am going to watch the new Wallace and Gromit film!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Emptying Santa's Sack!

So my first video will be aired tonight!
Get your bottoms over to the couch and come and see me fuck Santa on Television X at 10.10pm!
I will be watching it at one of my friends houses hopefully and will certainly be making them pay for it! :D guest blog for TVX is now up! Go check it out HERE
If you have not yet seen it, here is the teaser trailer.
And for those of you who do not have TVX, you will be able to watch it at a later date on the TVX website!
Some other news, I am pic of the day again for Suburban Amateurs. I like this set a lot more than the previous ones!
And just as promised, here are a few festive photo's of me in my little Santa outfit.
Just to cheer you all up on Christmas Eve! (And Christmas for those of you in Australia!)
There will be a few more for you on Christmas day to enjoy because it's only Christmas once!

You can see what's inside these tomorrow morning!
I am going bowling tonight so wish me luck! I haven't gone bowling for a long time!

Monday, 22 December 2008

A Lazy Couple of Days.

Well I've been very lazy these last couple of days.
I had a great night out on Saturday dressed up as little Miss Santa! My friend was an Elf and the other Santa's Mistress lol!
We had a very fun night out and it was great to catch up with all of my friends. D and L were out and they decided that we are all going to to go over to L's to watch my "Premiere" on Television X lol. I also went to the cinema with D earlier in the week to see Four Christmases. It was a pretty funny film and has put me in the Christmas mood!
I got rather drunk that night on Pina Colada's but they were too nice not to drink!
I also somehow managed to come home with more money than I went out with!?
So I was meant to have work with JimSlip the next morning but it got cancelled and I only found out that night which was a bit rubbish. My agent had had problems contacting me.
I had a lazy Sunday and I haven't done an awful lot today! I've been watching cheesy Christmas films and Christmas specials all day. As well as attempting to organise my mountain of paperwork...Nightmare!
I was told that JimSlip may be re-organised for tomorrow but I've heard nothing more about it so I guess thats me finished for Christmas!
I am hopefully doing those naughty photo's tomorrow as I've been feeling a little under the weather the last couple of days.
I will speak to you all tomorrow!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Which day of Christmas are we on now!?

Ahh...I'm not so good at being organised I'm afraid.
Maybe that should be a new years resolution?
So I am rather forgetful and forgot to bring my camera charger home with me so I have a camera with no battery...oops.
I will have some photo's for you at some point of me in my cute little Santa outfit and I'll be sure to make them extra naughty to make up for it!
For now, here are a few from the Sub Ams site!
I am the Pic of the Day!

Thanks to SimonD and Sub Ams for those pictures.
Also...My teaser trailer for Jobs for the Boys is now up! Go have a look HERE!
Lol it is soo weird hearing my voice on I really that high pitched? lol
I did have a cold that day though.
Oh and I also have another blog post :D Arn't I popular.
Its from the lovely TVX Mole!
I love the photo on it, I may have to ask for it.
I think I may just love TVX. Everyone there is soo nice and actually does things for you when you ask!
And finally, I have now become a guest blogger on the 1985 website so have a read of that - LINK.
It's pretty funny.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

10th Day of Christmas...

Ok, so I have my lovely outfit now camera is playing up! :(
I will have photo's for you all soon I really hope but for the moment I have none in my sexy outfit.
Instead, here is a really cute one of my cat, Max!
He is posing for you with his mouse lol.

I should hopefully be doing a shoot for Wetting Her Panties either on Friday or in January. I think it will be really funny to do. I just hope I don't get stage fright!
I will have to remember to drink lots of water that day lol, then I might actually wet my panties!
I also have a shoot booked with JimSlip for Sunday now so I am looking forward to that. The date got changed.
AND...I have heard a rumour that my shoot with SimonD should be up on the Suburban Amateurs website on Friday! Yes, Friday!
I will find out and let you know if this is true as son as I can. Geez, I don't get told nothing lol.

Monday, 15 December 2008

My Head is Getting Rather Large!

Well I just keep finding blog posts of me!
The TVX Mole has posted a lovely piece about me on his Blog.
I can't thank him enough, he is always soo nice!
And there is another picture of me on there.

The 11th Day of Christmas...

Here are the rest of the Television X photos for you!
A big thanks to TVX for them. You are getting the first sneak peek of these pictures as they arn't even up on the TVX website!

I also have another shoot booked for Sunday 21st. Its for JimSlip and will be with JimSlip!
I am looking forward to it as I get to dress really porno for it and it will be with a much older guy than I am used to working with! I think that will make it soo much more fun!
I have been busy doing my Christmas shopping today and I have nearly finished it all. I am now addicted to Wensleydale cheese with Cranberry. It is amazing!
I am off to wrap all these pressies!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

On the 12th Day of Christmas!

Well look what Santa has bought for you all!
A few dirty pictures of me and Mr Claus having our way with each other!
These are your first naughty Christmas pictures and there will be more tomorrow!
These are some from the Christmas special for Jobs for the Boys series which will be aired on Christmas Eve on Television X.
I will put up a few more of these tomorrow and then Ill hopefully have a few naughty pictures of my own to put up!

You will have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of these!

Thursday, 11 December 2008


So I have finished all of my lessons at uni until the 12th January next year!
Now that is some pretty awesome news. lol
Now I can focus on work over Christmas though there isn't so much work this time of year as a lot of companies have breaks over the holidays.
I have a few shoots lined up though. They have no dates as of yet but hopefully they will be soonish!
I am in a great mood today and so to cheer you all up I thought Id share a picture of my cute little Christmas tree!

I managed to ruin one of my phones today by leaving my water bottle in my handbag which leaked. Oops...
Ah well. I had a great day yesterday at The Clothes Show Live which if you have not heard of is the biggest fashion exhibition ever!
It is a huge exhibition centre which has loads of stalls selling their clothes from cheap boutiques to designer stands. There is also a section which sells make-up and a "well being" section.
The there is a catwalk show with loads of great clothes and some of them were from my university. The best bit is...the half naked male models/dancers!
I came home very late with some very full bags. I have a few new outfits for work too!
It was a great day and I would recommend it to anyone who loves any of those things.
I just can't help but be a bit (Just a little bit) excited about my scene coming out on Christmas Eve. I am still trying to get a hold of some of those darn photo's but I guess people are busy at the moment Christmas shopping!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

A lazy Day...

So I have been thoroughly lazy today and have loved every minute of it!
That is what Sundays are for!
I only just read my emails and stuff today and look what I found, a post about me on the TVX Moles BLOG!
It's about the Christmas Special, go have a nosey.
I have just finished writing my blog post for the TVX website so you will have to keep your eyes peeled for it!
I am awaiting photo's from the shoot and when I get them I will post a few up for you all!
I was thinking of doing a 12 days of Christmas where I will give you a naughty photo of myself each day getting more and more naked until Christmas day!
Let me know if you like the idea and also if you have any great ideas for it.
I am off now to make myself and my friends some dinner. Pie and mash :D

Thursday, 4 December 2008

A few pointers...

So since starting my job I feel I have been really lucky with the people I have worked with. Everyone has been really nice and I think a lot of it was because of the great agency I joined!
Everywhere I go I seem to meet loads of interesting people and they have all given me pointers and advice on various things to do with work.
Here are a few things I've been told never to go to a shoot without!
-Baby Wipes - kind of obvious I guess
-Make-up - you don't want an orange face
-Dressing Gown
-Sponge triangles - I hope you can guess this one, Id rather not explain it. Think time of the month!

So what's been going on recently? I've been told by a lot of people that they love my blog and that it's well written? Lol I find this odd as I just write whatever rubbish is in my head! And of work of course.
Well Its nice to be told anyway and it seems that a few people would like me to write a guest blog for their website! I'm pretty chuffed with that so I have been discussing it with these various people (No names at the moment!) and I have also been asked to do an interview for a book.
I'll let you know when I have heard a little more about them all but you may be able to read my ramblings elsewhere! Isn't that great news for you lot? Lol.
I have other news too! The TVX Mole has told me that my Christmas special for Jobs for the Boys will be airing on Christmas Eve! There will also be a teaser trailer for it nearer the time so I will link you to it! I think TVX Mole may also be writing about it on his BLOG.
And yes I have been asked to write about the show as a guest blogger for the TVX website.
If you haven't read the post about this shoot its HERE. It was the shoot with the lovely Clarke Kent which was shot by a producer called Kaizen XXX.
I'm pretty excited about it coming out!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Working for JimSlip

So yesterday I did get to work! I got my results that morning.
I was working for JimSlip doing a shoot called Fresh Meat which will be aired on Television X.
I was working with the gorgeous Peter Oh Tool (I think that's how it's spelt?).
I for once got to have a lie in! WOO! But I had to get my little bum all the way down to Bournemouth by 2pm so I spent a lot of time on the train.
When I got there I got to meet the lovely Lara who I really liked. She was so funny and really chirpy.
I'm afraid I have no pictures for you all today as I was too busy to get any. I will ask and see if I can get hold of any though.
I actually think this has been my most favourite shoot so far as it was soo much fun! I was being a prostitute (sound familiar? lol I'm sure I've been one of those before!) and Peter had booked me for a session. I got to wear the cutest clothes. A tartan skirt and a white blouse tied up. I also had some knee high socks and these gorgeous new red shoes I have been dying to wear! I love that kind of look it's soo cute!

So I get to start off by looking after myself and then I got spanked by Peter with a big lollipop! Lol it was lots of fun and then we ended up getting to have sex all over the bed.
Unluckily for me though I managed to be a little too rough with myself and had to stop for a bit as I had cut myself with my nails. Opps!
The hotel we were shooting in was really nice and there was a great view from the room.
All in all I had a great day and I have been asked to work for them again in 2 weeks time! This one will be for the actual JimSlip website with JimSlip!
I will let you know all about it.
No shoots booked at the moment but I always say that and always end up having work.