Monday, 15 December 2008

The 11th Day of Christmas...

Here are the rest of the Television X photos for you!
A big thanks to TVX for them. You are getting the first sneak peek of these pictures as they arn't even up on the TVX website!

I also have another shoot booked for Sunday 21st. Its for JimSlip and will be with JimSlip!
I am looking forward to it as I get to dress really porno for it and it will be with a much older guy than I am used to working with! I think that will make it soo much more fun!
I have been busy doing my Christmas shopping today and I have nearly finished it all. I am now addicted to Wensleydale cheese with Cranberry. It is amazing!
I am off to wrap all these pressies!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, thanks Satine! I am really looking forward to see what the next 10 days bring!

    I notice that you're first set of pics is due to go up on Suburban Amateurs on Friday, 19 December. Much anticipated!!!

    Can we see more of you in that bikini (and please show us your beautiful boobs!) and those flipflops, please!