Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Emptying Santa's Sack!

So my first video will be aired tonight!
Get your bottoms over to the couch and come and see me fuck Santa on Television X at 10.10pm!
I will be watching it at one of my friends houses hopefully and will certainly be making them pay for it! :D guest blog for TVX is now up! Go check it out HERE
If you have not yet seen it, here is the teaser trailer.
And for those of you who do not have TVX, you will be able to watch it at a later date on the TVX website!
Some other news, I am pic of the day again for Suburban Amateurs. I like this set a lot more than the previous ones!
And just as promised, here are a few festive photo's of me in my little Santa outfit.
Just to cheer you all up on Christmas Eve! (And Christmas for those of you in Australia!)
There will be a few more for you on Christmas day to enjoy because it's only Christmas once!

You can see what's inside these tomorrow morning!
I am going bowling tonight so wish me luck! I haven't gone bowling for a long time!

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