Thursday, 11 December 2008


So I have finished all of my lessons at uni until the 12th January next year!
Now that is some pretty awesome news. lol
Now I can focus on work over Christmas though there isn't so much work this time of year as a lot of companies have breaks over the holidays.
I have a few shoots lined up though. They have no dates as of yet but hopefully they will be soonish!
I am in a great mood today and so to cheer you all up I thought Id share a picture of my cute little Christmas tree!

I managed to ruin one of my phones today by leaving my water bottle in my handbag which leaked. Oops...
Ah well. I had a great day yesterday at The Clothes Show Live which if you have not heard of is the biggest fashion exhibition ever!
It is a huge exhibition centre which has loads of stalls selling their clothes from cheap boutiques to designer stands. There is also a section which sells make-up and a "well being" section.
The there is a catwalk show with loads of great clothes and some of them were from my university. The best bit is...the half naked male models/dancers!
I came home very late with some very full bags. I have a few new outfits for work too!
It was a great day and I would recommend it to anyone who loves any of those things.
I just can't help but be a bit (Just a little bit) excited about my scene coming out on Christmas Eve. I am still trying to get a hold of some of those darn photo's but I guess people are busy at the moment Christmas shopping!

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