Sunday, 7 December 2008

A lazy Day...

So I have been thoroughly lazy today and have loved every minute of it!
That is what Sundays are for!
I only just read my emails and stuff today and look what I found, a post about me on the TVX Moles BLOG!
It's about the Christmas Special, go have a nosey.
I have just finished writing my blog post for the TVX website so you will have to keep your eyes peeled for it!
I am awaiting photo's from the shoot and when I get them I will post a few up for you all!
I was thinking of doing a 12 days of Christmas where I will give you a naughty photo of myself each day getting more and more naked until Christmas day!
Let me know if you like the idea and also if you have any great ideas for it.
I am off now to make myself and my friends some dinner. Pie and mash :D


  1. I love the idea Satine. I can't wait, although I'd rather it if you started out nude and just got more and more explicit!

  2. Hey Satine, we're 11 days out from Christmas. I can't wait to start seeing some pics! Bikini and flip-flops please!