Friday, 19 December 2008

Which day of Christmas are we on now!?

Ahh...I'm not so good at being organised I'm afraid.
Maybe that should be a new years resolution?
So I am rather forgetful and forgot to bring my camera charger home with me so I have a camera with no battery...oops.
I will have some photo's for you at some point of me in my cute little Santa outfit and I'll be sure to make them extra naughty to make up for it!
For now, here are a few from the Sub Ams site!
I am the Pic of the Day!

Thanks to SimonD and Sub Ams for those pictures.
Also...My teaser trailer for Jobs for the Boys is now up! Go have a look HERE!
Lol it is soo weird hearing my voice on I really that high pitched? lol
I did have a cold that day though.
Oh and I also have another blog post :D Arn't I popular.
Its from the lovely TVX Mole!
I love the photo on it, I may have to ask for it.
I think I may just love TVX. Everyone there is soo nice and actually does things for you when you ask!
And finally, I have now become a guest blogger on the 1985 website so have a read of that - LINK.
It's pretty funny.

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