Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Working for JimSlip

So yesterday I did get to work! I got my results that morning.
I was working for JimSlip doing a shoot called Fresh Meat which will be aired on Television X.
I was working with the gorgeous Peter Oh Tool (I think that's how it's spelt?).
I for once got to have a lie in! WOO! But I had to get my little bum all the way down to Bournemouth by 2pm so I spent a lot of time on the train.
When I got there I got to meet the lovely Lara who I really liked. She was so funny and really chirpy.
I'm afraid I have no pictures for you all today as I was too busy to get any. I will ask and see if I can get hold of any though.
I actually think this has been my most favourite shoot so far as it was soo much fun! I was being a prostitute (sound familiar? lol I'm sure I've been one of those before!) and Peter had booked me for a session. I got to wear the cutest clothes. A tartan skirt and a white blouse tied up. I also had some knee high socks and these gorgeous new red shoes I have been dying to wear! I love that kind of look it's soo cute!

So I get to start off by looking after myself and then I got spanked by Peter with a big lollipop! Lol it was lots of fun and then we ended up getting to have sex all over the bed.
Unluckily for me though I managed to be a little too rough with myself and had to stop for a bit as I had cut myself with my nails. Opps!
The hotel we were shooting in was really nice and there was a great view from the room.
All in all I had a great day and I have been asked to work for them again in 2 weeks time! This one will be for the actual JimSlip website with JimSlip!
I will let you know all about it.
No shoots booked at the moment but I always say that and always end up having work.

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