Thursday, 29 January 2009

A free pass and a funny blog.

Just a short update today to tell you how I got a free pass to a porno site!
Hehe...go me.
Now I can watch myself being naughty, whenever I want.
I was also browsing blogs and found this really funny post on Keni Styles' blog.
It made me laugh so I thought Id share it. He writes a brilliant blog and what I love the most is that he regularly has video blog posts with awesome music! lol
Im off to London tomorrow for a bit of shopping and also to renew my cert. It always seems to creep up on me!
That's about all the news I have. Don't forget to watch me tonight on TVX at 10.10pm!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

An English Rose...

My episode of Gentlemen's relish is out tomorrow where I am a virginal English rose getting tutored by my uncle. Soon enough I'm getting taught much more than how to read...
I am in TVX's newsletter today and if you don't receive it, you can have a look at it HERE.
I like the picture for it and it is very descriptive.
Also for you to enjoy is a teaser trailer of the episode and it sure is long for a trailer!
If you like the looks of that you can watch it on the TVX channel tomorrow night at 10.10pm.
It got me to thinking how its always the innocent looking girls that are extra naughty in bed!
I have finally been booked for that bukkake shoot which will be in Feb sometime. It will be for the We Love Bukkake site.
I sure am looking forward to that one. It may also be an open to public event so you may get to come along and join in!
I will be sure to find out and let you know.
I am looking forward to a lazy week now as I have no lessons and no work until Tuesday. That means I can lay back and relax!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

PG Porn

Well I have spent a day indoors...again.
I am still feeling rubbish so I have been browsing rubbish on the internet and also playing Sam and Max!
What an awesome game.
Well I saw this really funny video which someone showed me that I had seen but completely forgotten about. I thought it was really funny so I thought I would share it with you guys. This episode is of stunning Sasha Grey who's car breaks down.
It is basically a porno without the sex and they are pretty funny.

Roadside Ass-sistance
There are more on the James Gunn website.
Check them out if your bored, they ARE safe for work...kind of.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Quick Update.

Yay, well I have just been cheered up as I just checked my post and what do I find but a copy of my Gentlemen's Relish episode!
Thanks Andy!
I know what I will be doing now...

A quiet day in...

Well I am feeling very ill today.
I am sitting in front of my computer feeling sorry for myself with a Lemsip watching The Truman Show.
I had forgotten how good that film was though!
I had to cancel the shoot for today as I am feeling pretty rough.
Now if anyone knows any great remedies for getting better, please let me know! I hate being stuck indoors all day.
I do have a few photos from the shoot I did on Saturday for The Real Orgasm site. Hope you like them, I think they look very natural.
Thanks to The Female Orgasm for the pictures!

I have a shoot booked for the 10th Feb though which is a Bukkake! I also have a trip to Manchester coming up to help out with a little something which is being organised over at Club 1985. There also may be another potential shoot coming up but I don't have dates or anything so we shall wait and see.
I'm going to go and continue being very bored until I get better!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Why I Bum...Television X

I have decided that every Sunday I am going to bore you with why I bum various people/items/films/animals/
I figured that Mr Steele over at Club 1985 is rubbing off on me, so I'm going to copy him, kind of.
I love Television X because:

- The TVX mole writes a fab blog and is always very nice to me. Plus he has cute mole paws! I somehow always imagine him to look like THIS.
- The TVX website is awesome as they always have really HOT pornstars on it plus they are great value for money. Not that I would know...?
- Those behind the scenes people at TVX are lovely to speak to and are always helpful and let me know when all my stuff is coming out!
- Finally, they have some of the best photographers/directors/producers work on there including people like Andy Ide and JimSlip. Obviously there are way more than that but it would take me forever to name them all!

That is why I bum TVX and I think you should too.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Real Orgasm Shoot

I had a brilliant shoot today for the real orgasms website where I got to play with naughty toys to make myself come! I also got to play using my fingers and also, I got to sit and get played with!
You can't have a better day than that!
It was pretty tiring having to come soo much though and in one of them, I came twice!
The hands on one will be out on the Hands On website, surprise, surprise.
I really enjoyed it as the cameraman was clearly getting turned on by watching me squirming about and that made me even hornier!
It was one very HOT shoot and I think the videos are going to be brilliant. If you like to see real girls do real orgasms then this site is just for you. I will post up some pictures when I get them.
On another note, I made a mistake about the Gentlemen's relish shoot and it is in fact not out until the 29th Jan. So any of you who thought you had missed it, don't worry, you haven't yet!
It will be out on the TVX channel at 10.10pm on 29th Jan and for those of you like me who have no TV (I have no signal in halls!), you can watch it when its out a few days later on the TVX website.
I have a shoot booked for Monday too so I will try and actually get some photo's straight away this time.
I also happened to be browsing various things when I came across this blog where HotMandy as she is called, has written a lovely post about me!
It's great to know that other sexy women are reading this blog and I'm chuffed to know that people love reading my blog. You should check hers out too, it's a very good read.
On Friday I went out with the boyfriend for a meal to celebrate our being together for 4 years now! What a long time lol, we are already like an old, married couple. Except we're not old and we're not married lol.
We went to this place called The Pheasant where you can actually fly in on your private jet if you want. So obviously this is exactly what we done...just kidding.
I had scallops to start with, Veal sweetbread with creamed mash, cabbage and braised beef for the main and Parfait for dessert which I somehow managed to cut the roof of my mouth on!
It was the best meal I have ever tasted and would advise you to eat there as it is fab. Though it's more for those who like funny cuts of meat/insides and who like their meat pink and bloody as that's how they serve it.
I apologise if that made any of you feel sick!
Now that was a very long post!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Random Day Out.

Well I have had maybe the most busiest week I have ever had.
And it's not even finished yet!
My pictures and videos are now up on the Paul Raymond website as is my guest blog for the TVX website.
I hope you all watched the Gentlemen's Relish Episode on TVX just now! If not, it started at 10.10pm so you have only missed the start!
And my final set is now up for Suburban Amateurs. I am pic of the day!
Here are a few pictures of the latest set. They are my favourites!

Thanks to SimonD for these fab photos!
I have a few shoots booked now. On Saturday I have a solo shoot for real orgasms.
I also, FINALLY, have a Bukkake shoot coming up!
It hasn't been fully booked yet so fingers crossed it all goes to plan. I can't wait!
I also may soon have some very good news but for now I have to keep it hush hush :D
On Tuesday I had a random day out in Sheffield at Meadowhall.
I was with my friends and we just decided to go there. It was pretty fun and this was another shopping centre with a HUGE food court!
It wasn't quite as amazing as the other one but it was pretty good!
We then went home and went out to my favourite pub. It does £1 a pint on Tuesdays.
I may also be doing a little something with the sexy Scot at Club 1985.
Oh and my episode is finished now lol it took me far too long to write this.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Shoot for JimSlip

Well Today I have my shoot with JimSlip.

I have decided that attempting to use a dongle (internet stick for you simple folk) on a train is futile lol.

Its never going to work so ill give up now.

Ive not had the best start to the day so far as I missed the first train because of the traffic on the road.

But I managed to catch the next one which gets me there for around the same time which is pretty darn good. Except for the fact that this one is packed with school kids...Urgh.

They day was brilliant fun as Jim and Lara are brilliant to work with. I cannot wait to see this show as I absolutely loved shooting it!

We went to the seaside to shoot the start of the scene where I got some seaside chips which are THE BEST.

Then we went back to shoot the rest of the scene.

I was FINALLY dressed up as...a schoolgirl! I was wondering how long it would be until that happened.

I love the way they shoot their work, they just shoot it all in one and let it go where ever it wants to go. I love that as it lets you get really into it.

I was knackered, (and naked) by the end of it all as I got really into it and really enjoyed myself. I think I like being a naughty schoolgirl!

I also have a few things of mine coming out soon.

My Gentlemen's Relish episode will air on the TVX channel on 22nd Jan which was that amazing Victorian themed shoot with Clarke Kent. You can see the opening credit's here where there's some of me!

Here's some pictures to remind you of the shoot. Big thanks to Andy Ide for these pictures. He is one amazing photographer!

I have written a guest blog for it so hopefully that will be up sometime soon too.

As well as that, my shoot for JimSlip is out on the 26th Feb which is also my birthday!

Its called Old Guys, Young Thighs and will be out on the TVX channel.

I hope all this news has cheered you up and I'll wet your appetites with some saucy pictures from the upcoming shows when I get them as I'm having some problems getting them at the moment!

*Just a note for anyone who wishes to use any of the photo's on this blog.*

Please ask ME for permission to use them first if you are intending on using them on a website or magazine etc. I will most likely say yes but just like to know where they are going!

Friday, 16 January 2009

This Months Escort.

Well I was in the newsagent and guess who I saw on the top shelf?
I am in this months Escort mag just on the inside cover. It would be great for you to buy it!
I'm hoping that next time I will be on a few more pages but I am still pretty happy as this is my first published magazine work.
I also have more photos and a video which will be up on the Paul Raymond site sometime soon. Also, you can watch it on Paul Raymond TV, Sky Channel 911.
I don't really have any other news at the moment but I will be sure to let you know when I do!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Fishnet Fun and Frolics in Manchester...

Well I firstly apologise for my lack of blogging everywhere!
I have been a busy bunny of late and have been booking myself for lots of naughty shoots as well as getting free pics and clips for you to enjoy!
I had a great, great week in which I got up really early to drive to Manchester on Tuesday to re-new my health cert. I took my friend E and we went shopping in the Trafford Centre. I have never been to a bigger, better shopping centre in the whole world! Saying that, I haven't been to that much of the world lol. I have taken some photo's of the amazing Food Court which was called The Great Hall! What a brilliant name!
I have decided to do a kind of Christian style blog post today by including what I ate as well as putting lots of boobies in the post! (mainly mine I will admit)
So Here are a few photo's of the main food hall.

Can you believe the size of it? And it has a pool! And a huge screen which was showing cinema trailers. The most amazing part is: The ceiling changes when it gets dark! The stars come out! This is the picture of a dragon which was on the side of a Chinese restaurant.

And this is inside La Tasca where me and E decided to have a spot of lunch! Oh looking at that food again makes me hungry! And I love how you can see E's arms! Arn't they some sexy arms!? lol.

After that we went off for some shopping and we ended our day without buying a thing! We couldn't believe it lol. I think we are too fussy.
So that was Tuesday.
I didn't do an awful lot for the rest of the week. I did visit my local Private shop though. I have visited before so I decided to have a nosey before I went back to uni. I came out with a few bits and the owner gave me a discount!
Now you know your a Pornstar when you get a discount at your local sex shop!
I then spent the rest of the week doing packing for going back to uni and today I am back and unpacked.
I am Pic of the Day on Sub Am's and on the Video Update!
And for you lot who just love some free stuff, Here is a little trailer of my Video! The full video is up on the website for those of you who are signed up! For those of you who arn't. it is begining to be worth your money to sign up is it not? I have three sets and a video on there now!
Check out the kind of Mini-Site for it!

And if that isn't enough freebies for you, Here are a few pictures from the latest set!

Thanks to SimonD and Sub Am's for the photo's and video clip!
You can also see a few free photo's of myself including some which will be published in Escort Mag (The one's in the red undies) on SimonD's Website HERE.
I hope you enjoyed all of that! And Some other news, I have been in contact with Ruth from AllRuth and I should hopefully be booked in for a shoot for her website as well as the Simon Scans site! Also I have my JimSlip shoot lined up for the 19th Jan. Im sure I will be speaking to you soon!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Im a Film Erotica Girl!

I was just browsing the websites I will hopefully be on some time soon when I saw I am on the Film Erotica's girl list!
I am hoping that means the film I will be in will be out soon!
I also heard that my video for Suburban Amateurs is going to be out on 10th Jan.
And I have been booked finally for that JimSlip shoot! I am hoping that it doesn't get canceled this time.
Other than that I haven't been up to a huge amount. I made some Tapas for dinner today which was very nice. I also read Christians final post for his blog. I am a bit sad he isn't writing anymore as it did make me giggle sometimes.
I am glad work is starting to pick up a little as I am getting bored sitting around the house all the time. lol
I hope your New Year is going well so far and that you have stuck to your resolutions!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great New Year.
I had a fun night out with some of my friends and then I went to a house party where the boyfriend was waiting for me. It was an interesting night and I enjoyed it but I don't think I'd do it again!
It was a bit rubbish when the countdown started as the pub I was in only started counting from 9 seconds to go!
Ah well, it is just an excuse to have a party anyway lol.
I have made a few resolutions for the New Year including sorting out my now mountain of paperwork! And also to do plenty of naughty films for the rest of the year!
If you don't read it already I would advise reading THIS blog. I am a guest writer for it and it is a very witty blog. The people (or rather, person) at Club 1985 have plenty of free material for you too including the Club 1985 Theatre which has lots of free videos!
I am hoping for a busy Janurary so I will hopefully have plenty to blabber about!
I will leave you with a link to my Jobs For The Boys Christmas Special which is now available on the TVX website though I have heard people have been struggling to enter the site.