Wednesday, 28 January 2009

An English Rose...

My episode of Gentlemen's relish is out tomorrow where I am a virginal English rose getting tutored by my uncle. Soon enough I'm getting taught much more than how to read...
I am in TVX's newsletter today and if you don't receive it, you can have a look at it HERE.
I like the picture for it and it is very descriptive.
Also for you to enjoy is a teaser trailer of the episode and it sure is long for a trailer!
If you like the looks of that you can watch it on the TVX channel tomorrow night at 10.10pm.
It got me to thinking how its always the innocent looking girls that are extra naughty in bed!
I have finally been booked for that bukkake shoot which will be in Feb sometime. It will be for the We Love Bukkake site.
I sure am looking forward to that one. It may also be an open to public event so you may get to come along and join in!
I will be sure to find out and let you know.
I am looking forward to a lazy week now as I have no lessons and no work until Tuesday. That means I can lay back and relax!

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