Saturday, 10 January 2009

Fishnet Fun and Frolics in Manchester...

Well I firstly apologise for my lack of blogging everywhere!
I have been a busy bunny of late and have been booking myself for lots of naughty shoots as well as getting free pics and clips for you to enjoy!
I had a great, great week in which I got up really early to drive to Manchester on Tuesday to re-new my health cert. I took my friend E and we went shopping in the Trafford Centre. I have never been to a bigger, better shopping centre in the whole world! Saying that, I haven't been to that much of the world lol. I have taken some photo's of the amazing Food Court which was called The Great Hall! What a brilliant name!
I have decided to do a kind of Christian style blog post today by including what I ate as well as putting lots of boobies in the post! (mainly mine I will admit)
So Here are a few photo's of the main food hall.

Can you believe the size of it? And it has a pool! And a huge screen which was showing cinema trailers. The most amazing part is: The ceiling changes when it gets dark! The stars come out! This is the picture of a dragon which was on the side of a Chinese restaurant.

And this is inside La Tasca where me and E decided to have a spot of lunch! Oh looking at that food again makes me hungry! And I love how you can see E's arms! Arn't they some sexy arms!? lol.

After that we went off for some shopping and we ended our day without buying a thing! We couldn't believe it lol. I think we are too fussy.
So that was Tuesday.
I didn't do an awful lot for the rest of the week. I did visit my local Private shop though. I have visited before so I decided to have a nosey before I went back to uni. I came out with a few bits and the owner gave me a discount!
Now you know your a Pornstar when you get a discount at your local sex shop!
I then spent the rest of the week doing packing for going back to uni and today I am back and unpacked.
I am Pic of the Day on Sub Am's and on the Video Update!
And for you lot who just love some free stuff, Here is a little trailer of my Video! The full video is up on the website for those of you who are signed up! For those of you who arn't. it is begining to be worth your money to sign up is it not? I have three sets and a video on there now!
Check out the kind of Mini-Site for it!

And if that isn't enough freebies for you, Here are a few pictures from the latest set!

Thanks to SimonD and Sub Am's for the photo's and video clip!
You can also see a few free photo's of myself including some which will be published in Escort Mag (The one's in the red undies) on SimonD's Website HERE.
I hope you enjoyed all of that! And Some other news, I have been in contact with Ruth from AllRuth and I should hopefully be booked in for a shoot for her website as well as the Simon Scans site! Also I have my JimSlip shoot lined up for the 19th Jan. Im sure I will be speaking to you soon!