Monday, 26 January 2009

A quiet day in...

Well I am feeling very ill today.
I am sitting in front of my computer feeling sorry for myself with a Lemsip watching The Truman Show.
I had forgotten how good that film was though!
I had to cancel the shoot for today as I am feeling pretty rough.
Now if anyone knows any great remedies for getting better, please let me know! I hate being stuck indoors all day.
I do have a few photos from the shoot I did on Saturday for The Real Orgasm site. Hope you like them, I think they look very natural.
Thanks to The Female Orgasm for the pictures!

I have a shoot booked for the 10th Feb though which is a Bukkake! I also have a trip to Manchester coming up to help out with a little something which is being organised over at Club 1985. There also may be another potential shoot coming up but I don't have dates or anything so we shall wait and see.
I'm going to go and continue being very bored until I get better!

1 comment:

  1. Satine, there's an old Australian remedy for colds and sore throats: a warm protein injection, taken orally. Surprisingly, it seems you aren't getting enough!