Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Random Day Out.

Well I have had maybe the most busiest week I have ever had.
And it's not even finished yet!
My pictures and videos are now up on the Paul Raymond website as is my guest blog for the TVX website.
I hope you all watched the Gentlemen's Relish Episode on TVX just now! If not, it started at 10.10pm so you have only missed the start!
And my final set is now up for Suburban Amateurs. I am pic of the day!
Here are a few pictures of the latest set. They are my favourites!

Thanks to SimonD for these fab photos!
I have a few shoots booked now. On Saturday I have a solo shoot for real orgasms.
I also, FINALLY, have a Bukkake shoot coming up!
It hasn't been fully booked yet so fingers crossed it all goes to plan. I can't wait!
I also may soon have some very good news but for now I have to keep it hush hush :D
On Tuesday I had a random day out in Sheffield at Meadowhall.
I was with my friends and we just decided to go there. It was pretty fun and this was another shopping centre with a HUGE food court!
It wasn't quite as amazing as the other one but it was pretty good!
We then went home and went out to my favourite pub. It does £1 a pint on Tuesdays.
I may also be doing a little something with the sexy Scot at Club 1985.
Oh and my episode is finished now lol it took me far too long to write this.

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