Saturday, 24 January 2009

Real Orgasm Shoot

I had a brilliant shoot today for the real orgasms website where I got to play with naughty toys to make myself come! I also got to play using my fingers and also, I got to sit and get played with!
You can't have a better day than that!
It was pretty tiring having to come soo much though and in one of them, I came twice!
The hands on one will be out on the Hands On website, surprise, surprise.
I really enjoyed it as the cameraman was clearly getting turned on by watching me squirming about and that made me even hornier!
It was one very HOT shoot and I think the videos are going to be brilliant. If you like to see real girls do real orgasms then this site is just for you. I will post up some pictures when I get them.
On another note, I made a mistake about the Gentlemen's relish shoot and it is in fact not out until the 29th Jan. So any of you who thought you had missed it, don't worry, you haven't yet!
It will be out on the TVX channel at 10.10pm on 29th Jan and for those of you like me who have no TV (I have no signal in halls!), you can watch it when its out a few days later on the TVX website.
I have a shoot booked for Monday too so I will try and actually get some photo's straight away this time.
I also happened to be browsing various things when I came across this blog where HotMandy as she is called, has written a lovely post about me!
It's great to know that other sexy women are reading this blog and I'm chuffed to know that people love reading my blog. You should check hers out too, it's a very good read.
On Friday I went out with the boyfriend for a meal to celebrate our being together for 4 years now! What a long time lol, we are already like an old, married couple. Except we're not old and we're not married lol.
We went to this place called The Pheasant where you can actually fly in on your private jet if you want. So obviously this is exactly what we done...just kidding.
I had scallops to start with, Veal sweetbread with creamed mash, cabbage and braised beef for the main and Parfait for dessert which I somehow managed to cut the roof of my mouth on!
It was the best meal I have ever tasted and would advise you to eat there as it is fab. Though it's more for those who like funny cuts of meat/insides and who like their meat pink and bloody as that's how they serve it.
I apologise if that made any of you feel sick!
Now that was a very long post!

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  1. Hey there! Hot Mandy here! Thanks so much for mentioning me in you blog! I can't tell you how exciting it is! Keep up the good work! xxxxx