Monday, 19 January 2009

Shoot for JimSlip

Well Today I have my shoot with JimSlip.

I have decided that attempting to use a dongle (internet stick for you simple folk) on a train is futile lol.

Its never going to work so ill give up now.

Ive not had the best start to the day so far as I missed the first train because of the traffic on the road.

But I managed to catch the next one which gets me there for around the same time which is pretty darn good. Except for the fact that this one is packed with school kids...Urgh.

They day was brilliant fun as Jim and Lara are brilliant to work with. I cannot wait to see this show as I absolutely loved shooting it!

We went to the seaside to shoot the start of the scene where I got some seaside chips which are THE BEST.

Then we went back to shoot the rest of the scene.

I was FINALLY dressed up as...a schoolgirl! I was wondering how long it would be until that happened.

I love the way they shoot their work, they just shoot it all in one and let it go where ever it wants to go. I love that as it lets you get really into it.

I was knackered, (and naked) by the end of it all as I got really into it and really enjoyed myself. I think I like being a naughty schoolgirl!

I also have a few things of mine coming out soon.

My Gentlemen's Relish episode will air on the TVX channel on 22nd Jan which was that amazing Victorian themed shoot with Clarke Kent. You can see the opening credit's here where there's some of me!

Here's some pictures to remind you of the shoot. Big thanks to Andy Ide for these pictures. He is one amazing photographer!

I have written a guest blog for it so hopefully that will be up sometime soon too.

As well as that, my shoot for JimSlip is out on the 26th Feb which is also my birthday!

Its called Old Guys, Young Thighs and will be out on the TVX channel.

I hope all this news has cheered you up and I'll wet your appetites with some saucy pictures from the upcoming shows when I get them as I'm having some problems getting them at the moment!

*Just a note for anyone who wishes to use any of the photo's on this blog.*

Please ask ME for permission to use them first if you are intending on using them on a website or magazine etc. I will most likely say yes but just like to know where they are going!

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