Monday, 2 February 2009

Cum and Take Part...

My Gentlemen's Relish episode is now out on the TVX channel and is the full, hardcore version.
You can also now apply to take part in my upcoming Bukkake shoot!
If you are interested, you can apply HERE.
If not, you will be able to enjoy watching it soon enough!
I am also this weeks Escort girl over at the Paul Raymond website though Im still seeing no video up on there yet?
I haven't any more news at the moment but I did have fun playing in the snow today!
Its inches deep over where I am and we made a big snowman.
Then I decided to attack all of my friends with snowballs.
Here is a picture of the snowman we made.


  1. Hi Satine. Pleae make sure you're naked for your bukkake scene - i really want to see the cum drip down from your face and onto your beautiful tits!

    What a shame I can't make it. If I could, I would so be there!

  2. Hi Satine,
    I'll be cumming along to your Bukkake event next Wednesday.Will you be giving the guys oral & allowing us to touch you,as well as taking lots of facials?

    Take care!
    Uncle Bob xx