Sunday, 1 February 2009

Why I Bum...Sasha Grey

Today I have been mostly bumming, Sasha Grey lol.
I did love the Fast Show.
I bum Sasha Grey because:
- She is drop dead gorgeous
- She knows how to suck cock
- She is willing to try almost anything
- She doesn't even have to be naked to make you get horny
- She is just stunning and I would do her anyday!
Basically she is just brilliant at everything in the world or Porn and I love how she is unconventionally good looking. If you don't agree, I think these photo's may change your mind.

Can I just add that those tights look amazing and I love her clothes as much as herself!

All pictures courtesy of Sasha Grey's Myspace. (Im afraid Im not sure where they are all from)
If I were you, I'd bum her too because she is absolutely fabulous!

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