Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Working for Jay Snake

I couldn't wait to tell you about my great day at work today!
I had a shoot with the drop dead gorgeous Jay Snake!
Now I had heard rumours of how sexy, hunky and lovely he is but I can tell you now, he is 10 times more fabulous than that.
And what makes it even better is, he goes out with the stunning Claudia Rossi who was also there.
I arrived for 10am to find that Nick was the cameraman!
I think he is becoming one of my favourite camera guys as he is just lovely. Plus he looked after me when I sprained my ankle!

So far a great start to the day!
The story was that Jay had contacted me on "Fuckspace" as I am a new girl and we were basically there to have some hot sex!
Well that we certainly did have.
I think this has been the best shoot I have done so far as I thoroughly enjoyed it and everyone was really relaxed. It was really natural.
Jay loves to go down on girls too so what could I do but let him!?
I also had great fun trying to get all of his huge cock down my throat. We then had hours of horny sex!
It was really fun because Claudia was filming with a little hand cam which meant she could join in herself and help out. It was definately nice to have all hands on me! Especially with people as sexy as those two.
I will hopefully be getting myself a few pictures at some point so you will get to see just how much fun we had!
It is a series of Jay's which will be aired on TVX. I think the series will be called Fuckspace?

I am now going to relax, watch a film and have another mug of tea!

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