Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Wetting My Panties...

Yes you guessed it, I did exactly what it said on the tin...I wet myself, on camera!
I am sure that for some of you this may be a turn off so I won't go into too much detail.
For those of you dirty, dirty people who love to watch girlies wetting their pants, I did the shoot for Wet and Dirty Panties.
As this was my first time, it took me a while to get into the swing of things. I had a little stage fright to begin with!
Though soon enough I was peeing away and once it started, it did not stop!
It was quite hot to watch and did make me a little horny so I started playing with myself afterwards and got very worked up.
After that one I did another one where I needed to pee soo bad that I wet myself, trousers on and all!
I also did a scene with a pair of dirty panties where I really got off from them being dirty so put them back on and played with myself some more in them.
I will be getting photos at some point so I will post links to them on here as I realise it's not to everyone's taste!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Sorry for the Delay!

I have been absolutely terrible at updating my blog recently as I have been soo busy shooting naughty porn!
For those of you that regularly read my blog, I have back dated all my most recent posts so that I don't have all my updates on the same day!
By tomorrow I will have sorted it all out and you will be able to read about my rude dogging shoot tomorrow night!

I Luv Nerds!

I did this really fun shoot the on Sunday for I Luv Nerds.
It was a funny shoot where I had asked this nerd to help me do my homework in exchange for money.
However, when he has finally finished telling me everything I need to know I am hoping that he forgets I need to pay him.
Unluckily for me, he remembers so as I have no money I decide to pay him another way...

It was really funny and great fun to do and hopefully I will be shooting for him again!
Shooting it was the lovely Bukkakeman who is a great cameraman!
I also got to do a solo scene for the shoot which was really fun as I got to use a strap on! But this was not any kind of strap on, it was an internal strap on!

It sure did take a lot of muscle strength to hold it in, Hehe.
Here are some of the fab photos courtesy of I Luv Nerds.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Well I am finally back in rainy England lol.
I got home on Monday night and have done nothing but sleep since I have got back...and nothing but answering too many emails!
I have had a little nosy on the internet and there are quite a few bits and bobs I have found that I will share with you all!
There is a little page of me for the FemOrg work I did.
Also a load of pages with pictures from the shoot I did for JimSlip. I think they look great!
There's one Here, Here, Here and Here!
Now that's a feast full of pictures for you to enjoy!
I also now have a page up on the Club R3tro website Here. And if you arn't busy tonight, pop on down for my bukkake there!
I will let you know all about my bukkake tomorrow and the next couple of days I will tell you all about my trip to Greece!
At the moment I am trying to get all my photos, get ready for work, answer my emails, write my blog and my blog for Scott, sort out all my work etc...So I am VERY busy at the moment!
Ill speak to you all soon!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunny Weather and Drinks at the Pub

Isn't that just such a student-esque thing to do?
Well that is exactly what I did on Sunday.
I had the boyfriend over for the weekend and didn't really do much on Saturday.
I had been out to the union on Friday night so was quite tired in the morning. I ended up drinking more than I thought I would as they had a happy hour on!
So as me and my friend L went to leave we bumped into my friend N who is one of G's friends. He was drunk, had no money and had nowhere to go.
So I let him stay at mine where he steals my bloody bed lol.
I woke up in the morning to find I had came out in a rash from my washing powder.
Just what I need.
So I have had to take allergy tablets which make you extra sleepy.
I didn't have a very productive Saturday as I was tired so me and the boyfriend had a nice Thai curry (which I made) and went to bed.
Sunday was spent at the pub drinking cider...for a change.
Once he had gone I sat in and listened to the absolutely gorgeous John Mayer.
Now if you have not heard this guys music, you MUST.

This song is called Belief and I love it to bits.
And one which I also like which is a funny one.
It's called Your Body is a Wonderland. I think you can guess what it's about?

John Mayer - Your Body Is A Wonderland (Official Music Video) - The best bloopers are here
If you have anything bad to say about John Mayer then I am afraid you will go down in my naughty list.
He is the most gorgeous guy in the whole world! AND he makes awesome music.
He is one of the few guys who is on my "List" hehe...
Sorry, am I going off on a tangent there?

I am really wishing I am able to go and see him on Mayercraft but I can't see it happening this year.
Any donations?

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Why I Bum...FantasyHard.com

So this week I have been bumming Fantasyhard.com.
This is because:
- They have a free promotional offer!
- They specialise in hardcore fetish (which if you didn't know is a big love of mine!)
- They have some sexy ladies on there such as Lolly Badcock!
- They have some HOT videos on there which I myself have been enjoying.
Check out my favourite ones: Lolly's School of Rubber (I know it's not the newest of series but they are classic!)

Well I will leave this coupon for you all to use and I hope you enjoy the site!
I sure have!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Walton Street

Well I was browsing on the BGAFD forums when I noticed someone mention a new DVD which is out.
Its called Walton Street and it's the film I did for Film Erotica!
Here is a little reminder of the shoot. (Thanks to Matt Cairns for the pictures!)

You can now purchase the DVD HERE or if you are somewhere with the Euro you can purchase it HERE.
I remember having a lot of fun shooting this one even if I had to wait 4 hours to shoot anything!
The only thing I am rather dissapointed about is the fact that practically everyone's names (including my own) are spelt wrong on the DVD!
So you know who everyone is I will give you the cast list:
-Sophie (Now known as Sophie Elle)
-Syren Sexton (Well they got one right!)
-Lesta (Also known as Belle and Lana)
-Santine (For those who arn't sure of the spelling...SATINE SPARK- there are NO S's on the end of that name!)
-Brie (Spelt Bree)
-Clark Kent (Which I am pretty sure is spelt Clarke Kent)

The names in brackets are the actual names and the others are what are on the DVD.
So I am known as Santine on this one.
I mean honestly...how difficult is it to get a name right?

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Working For Christian!

On Tuesday I had a shoot with the hunky Christian.
Oh boy was it a fun shoot!
I had lessons in the day and went straight down to London afterwards to meet Christian at 5.30pm.
We met up, got some interesting looks and went to the hotel to do the shoot.
Well how typical that when we get there we realise that there is not a light on the ceiling, just a lamp stuck to the wall.
So, we looked around for a shop that would sell a lamp to no avail! In the end we managed to steal two from another hotel! lol.
We went in, got the lamps and then legged it. Of course we didn't really steal them, we are giving them back!

I did a sexy POV scene with him and boy was it fun to shoot.
We started out chatting and then I decided to give him a blow job. We then ended up doing it in plenty of positions including my favourite...doggy!
I ended up coming really hard and so did Christian...all over my face!
I still think he is maybe one of my favourite guys to work with in the industry. He is just really genuine and pretty darn hot!
I also got to meet the absolutely fabulous Phoenix Marie who is stunning, even in the flesh.
I was chuffed to bits at meeting her as I love her work and always think she looks great.
What a fab couple.
After the shoot I got home and was soo tired out I fell straight asleep.
What a great day...

Monday, 9 March 2009

Spring is finally here!

Finally, the weather has picked up and we have had a days of shimmering sun!
Even if it's cold, it's a start.
Well it may be good but remember that with sunny spring comes sodding rainy weather too!
I am still in good spirits however and I am in even better spirits at hearing there is to be a UKAP party in May!
I also heard that Cate Harrington's brand spanking new website has been up and running since Friday. I had a little look myself and it looks fab!
I would recommend joining up as the shoot I did with her was very horny!
Whilst browsing tinternet again, I saw a little mini site for my episode on the JimSlip site. You can have a look HERE.
I have a shoot for the way too tall and way too built Christian tomorrow so that should be fun. I will let you know how it goes and no doubt get some photo's from it.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Why I Bum...Lethal Weapon

This week I have been mostly bumming, Lethal Weapon!
This is because:
- All of the films are awesome
- They make me laugh everytime I watch them
- You can now buy the boxset for £15 in HMV
- Mel Gibson was kinda hot in his day
- Everyone knows someone like Leo
- You secretly wish you were them
- 80's films are the best
- They are far better than the Die Hard series (Which are also pretty cool) - As I was looking to link the series I found the new Die Hard website and I never realised the new one was called Live Free or Die Hard?

There doesn't need to be anymore reasons, they are just awesome films and if you have not seen them, I highly recommend watching them.
For some reason I never remember the fourth film?

Friday, 6 March 2009

Lazy Fridays...

Well I have had a rather lazy day today as I only have a few lectures.
I went out last night to the pub for a bit and had quite a fun night.
I was just browsing on the internet when I came across a clip for the new X Men Film!
Since they have done the whole trilogy they have come out with X Men Origins and the first one is going to be on Wolverine! The trailer looks awesome and I can't wait to see it when it comes out!

This is not the official trailer but you can see that one on the website.
I am now booked for another bukkake party and you can see the poster HERE.
I am back at home for the weekend and I have booked a laser quest party with a load of my friends so I think that will be fun!
I have a packed weekend ahead full of visiting friends and family so I may not be posting this weekend.
I also may have a shoot booked for Monday and maybe Tuesday or Wednesday so I will let you know who they go.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Shoot Updates

Hey guys!
So I have had more internet trouble...what a pain!
It has been down the last couple of days but I have it working again!
I have quite a few updates for you all though.
My JimSlip video is now up on the website. You can watch a trailer of it HERE.
My episode of Old Guys, Young Thighs is also now out and you can see the full, hardcore version over at Television X.
I have also got a few pictures here for you all to enjoy!
It was fun to shoot as I got to dress up as a naughty little school girl and get banged by Peter Oh Tool.

Hope you enjoy those!
I was meant to be shooting today but work was cancelled. I may have a shoot on Friday though so I will let you know how it goes if I do!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Live TV is funny...

So...I had the live show on Saturday night and it was such a laugh!
I was only really meant to be doing a bit of promoting and stuff and I ended up having a whole night of naughty antics!
I ended up sitting on the couch with Theo telling her all the naughty things I have been upto and we ended up kissing and fondling one another.
I also had a little go on my own with my favourite pink toy!
I then ended up having fun with the gorgeous Jasmine Lau as a caller had requested as two to play with one another.

Here are a few pics from the night, and what a night it was! Katie K was on the edge of her seat watching all night as she was soo horny and I don't blame her! I can't wait until I am on the show when she is, hehe.
I was back in London today to renew my health cert again. I really should try and find a place down there. I am there often enough.
Well I have had and will have a very busy week this week so I may not be blogging quite as often. I have gotten quite lazy with catching up with emails etc lately!