Sunday, 12 April 2009

Greece Part 2

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early again!
Boy I am not used to early mornings but it's worse that Greece is 2 hours ahead so getting up at 8am there is like getting up at 6am in the UK!
Madness lol, no one should be up at that hour.

Day three was by far the best day of the trip.
This was the day of the orgy scene!
After breakfast I did a rehearsal with Belle for our scene the next day and after that I had to go to make up and then get into my outfit.
There were a lot of scenes being filmed that day including a gay scene in this set.

And also Jasmine Lau's scene in this gorgeous looking bed!

I ended up having to sit around for ages in my outfit which was difficult as wings sure do get in the way!
When it finally got to the orgy scene, everyone was quite excited about it.
Me and the guys had had plenty of practice by the time we were ready to start!
I had mine with the main character in the film and another of my angel lovers!
It was a lot of fun and we really got into it. It was really nice to have two guys pleasing me together too!

I was knackered by the end of the day and typical that that was the day everyone was having a bit of a party in the kitchen.
We stayed up nattering till very late and then said goodbye to the guys as some of them were leaving the next day and I eventually went to bed at around 4am.
I woke up a little later to say goodbye to Jasmine as she was leaving early in the morning.
I had to get up at6.30am! :(

Once I was up on my last day it was back into make up to get ready for my sexy scene with the stunning Belle.
When I was ready I went to the kitchen for breakfast and this is what I saw!

It was absolutely stunning to look at.
I got ready for the scene which didn't take very long as I was naked for this one!
The guys filled up the gold bathtub with warm water and I got straight in.
It was soo weird to be in a bath full of water whilst surrounded by a film crew!
The scene went by soo quickly and it was stunning. Their was loads of energy on the set and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Afterwards I had a nap and began to pack my things as I was to go home later that day.
I got a little look at the last set which is where Belle and the main guy finally have their way with one another.

And I am afraid that is the end of my trip.
I headed home and was really sad to be leaving already.
I absolutely loved every minute of the trip and I really hope that I can work with all the guys again.
It was like one big, kinky family!
I will hopefully be hearing from everyone again in a couple of months time when the film comes out so fingers crossed it does well!

Here are a few of the film stills I managed to get. I think they look beautiful.


  1. Yeah beautifully shot, you look like a renaissance princess preparing for a fancy dress ball, a much more attractive version of Clair Danes in Romeo and Juliette came to mind. Look foward to finding out the story line and you in action of course.

  2. The contemplative angel pics are so beautiful! You are amazing, Satine, and you look so angelic. I am guessing that you then went on to get fucked hard and dirty!!!