Monday, 30 March 2009

I Luv Nerds!

I did this really fun shoot the on Sunday for I Luv Nerds.
It was a funny shoot where I had asked this nerd to help me do my homework in exchange for money.
However, when he has finally finished telling me everything I need to know I am hoping that he forgets I need to pay him.
Unluckily for me, he remembers so as I have no money I decide to pay him another way...

It was really funny and great fun to do and hopefully I will be shooting for him again!
Shooting it was the lovely Bukkakeman who is a great cameraman!
I also got to do a solo scene for the shoot which was really fun as I got to use a strap on! But this was not any kind of strap on, it was an internal strap on!

It sure did take a lot of muscle strength to hold it in, Hehe.
Here are some of the fab photos courtesy of I Luv Nerds.

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