Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunny Weather and Drinks at the Pub

Isn't that just such a student-esque thing to do?
Well that is exactly what I did on Sunday.
I had the boyfriend over for the weekend and didn't really do much on Saturday.
I had been out to the union on Friday night so was quite tired in the morning. I ended up drinking more than I thought I would as they had a happy hour on!
So as me and my friend L went to leave we bumped into my friend N who is one of G's friends. He was drunk, had no money and had nowhere to go.
So I let him stay at mine where he steals my bloody bed lol.
I woke up in the morning to find I had came out in a rash from my washing powder.
Just what I need.
So I have had to take allergy tablets which make you extra sleepy.
I didn't have a very productive Saturday as I was tired so me and the boyfriend had a nice Thai curry (which I made) and went to bed.
Sunday was spent at the pub drinking cider...for a change.
Once he had gone I sat in and listened to the absolutely gorgeous John Mayer.
Now if you have not heard this guys music, you MUST.

This song is called Belief and I love it to bits.
And one which I also like which is a funny one.
It's called Your Body is a Wonderland. I think you can guess what it's about?

John Mayer - Your Body Is A Wonderland (Official Music Video) - The best bloopers are here
If you have anything bad to say about John Mayer then I am afraid you will go down in my naughty list.
He is the most gorgeous guy in the whole world! AND he makes awesome music.
He is one of the few guys who is on my "List" hehe...
Sorry, am I going off on a tangent there?

I am really wishing I am able to go and see him on Mayercraft but I can't see it happening this year.
Any donations?

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