Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Well I am finally back in rainy England lol.
I got home on Monday night and have done nothing but sleep since I have got back...and nothing but answering too many emails!
I have had a little nosy on the internet and there are quite a few bits and bobs I have found that I will share with you all!
There is a little page of me for the FemOrg work I did.
Also a load of pages with pictures from the shoot I did for JimSlip. I think they look great!
There's one Here, Here, Here and Here!
Now that's a feast full of pictures for you to enjoy!
I also now have a page up on the Club R3tro website Here. And if you arn't busy tonight, pop on down for my bukkake there!
I will let you know all about my bukkake tomorrow and the next couple of days I will tell you all about my trip to Greece!
At the moment I am trying to get all my photos, get ready for work, answer my emails, write my blog and my blog for Scott, sort out all my work etc...So I am VERY busy at the moment!
Ill speak to you all soon!


  1. Hey Satine
    I forgot you were going away. Can you please remind us where you went and what you did while you were there?

  2. Looking forward to all the updates hun! xxx