Friday, 13 March 2009

Walton Street

Well I was browsing on the BGAFD forums when I noticed someone mention a new DVD which is out.
Its called Walton Street and it's the film I did for Film Erotica!
Here is a little reminder of the shoot. (Thanks to Matt Cairns for the pictures!)

You can now purchase the DVD HERE or if you are somewhere with the Euro you can purchase it HERE.
I remember having a lot of fun shooting this one even if I had to wait 4 hours to shoot anything!
The only thing I am rather dissapointed about is the fact that practically everyone's names (including my own) are spelt wrong on the DVD!
So you know who everyone is I will give you the cast list:
-Sophie (Now known as Sophie Elle)
-Syren Sexton (Well they got one right!)
-Lesta (Also known as Belle and Lana)
-Santine (For those who arn't sure of the spelling...SATINE SPARK- there are NO S's on the end of that name!)
-Brie (Spelt Bree)
-Clark Kent (Which I am pretty sure is spelt Clarke Kent)

The names in brackets are the actual names and the others are what are on the DVD.
So I am known as Santine on this one.
I mean difficult is it to get a name right?


  1. Santine sounds like a shop of some kind, lol

    Awesome pics as always +1 ;)


  2. What I like about your blog, Satine, (apart from the fact that you are gorgeous and sexy, and the blog is well-written and witty), is the fact that you post excellent pictures of your scenes. So many porn websites seem to think that posting more than a few token bits of hardcore is going to undermine sales or whatever. I think on the contrary that a decent quantity of tasters is more likely to make me want to spend money on real product. But you're studying marketing I think?

    PS I agree with you about spelling. I don't know why DVD producers can't get names right. Some purchasers probably don't care who the performers are but many of us do. BGAFD started out to bring some order to the confusion in how performers were named in films but things haven't improved.

  3. Hey Satine
    Did you do b/g in this DVD, or just g/g? I hope you did get reamed by Clarke Kent!

  4. Lol I know! Santine is such a silly name.
    Why thanks MikeA! :) I do study marketing but I still feel that a good load of free pictures is always nice to see.
    And bob, it is just a g/g scene for this one :)
    Satine xXx

  5. Satine

    What I meant was that it's actually good marketing to provide a decent quantity of freebies. Works on two levels: emotional and rational. Firstly, it makes the potential purchaser feel well-disposed to the site and hence more likely to buy. Secondly, in effect it provides information on what is available -- there are many sites I wouldn't consider joining because the free material doesn't give enough clues about what's inside.

    Sorry, that's all a bit heavy. And I know your blog isn't just a promotional tool.

  6. lol well arn't you the smart one? :)

    I only write my blog because I love writing about stuff!
    I really enjoy writing it.
    Satine xXx