Sunday, 8 March 2009

Why I Bum...Lethal Weapon

This week I have been mostly bumming, Lethal Weapon!
This is because:
- All of the films are awesome
- They make me laugh everytime I watch them
- You can now buy the boxset for £15 in HMV
- Mel Gibson was kinda hot in his day
- Everyone knows someone like Leo
- You secretly wish you were them
- 80's films are the best
- They are far better than the Die Hard series (Which are also pretty cool) - As I was looking to link the series I found the new Die Hard website and I never realised the new one was called Live Free or Die Hard?

There doesn't need to be anymore reasons, they are just awesome films and if you have not seen them, I highly recommend watching them.
For some reason I never remember the fourth film?

1 comment:

  1. ''Riggsssssssss,heyy Riggsssssss...''

    Gotta LOVE Lethal Weapon