Thursday, 12 March 2009

Working For Christian!

On Tuesday I had a shoot with the hunky Christian.
Oh boy was it a fun shoot!
I had lessons in the day and went straight down to London afterwards to meet Christian at 5.30pm.
We met up, got some interesting looks and went to the hotel to do the shoot.
Well how typical that when we get there we realise that there is not a light on the ceiling, just a lamp stuck to the wall.
So, we looked around for a shop that would sell a lamp to no avail! In the end we managed to steal two from another hotel! lol.
We went in, got the lamps and then legged it. Of course we didn't really steal them, we are giving them back!

I did a sexy POV scene with him and boy was it fun to shoot.
We started out chatting and then I decided to give him a blow job. We then ended up doing it in plenty of positions including my favourite...doggy!
I ended up coming really hard and so did Christian...all over my face!
I still think he is maybe one of my favourite guys to work with in the industry. He is just really genuine and pretty darn hot!
I also got to meet the absolutely fabulous Phoenix Marie who is stunning, even in the flesh.
I was chuffed to bits at meeting her as I love her work and always think she looks great.
What a fab couple.
After the shoot I got home and was soo tired out I fell straight asleep.
What a great day...


  1. Is this another scene on TVX that we can't see unless we subscribe? Again.

  2. Lol you sure are stingy with your money arn't you!?
    It's actually only £5 to subscribe to TVX for 24 hours.
    Do you think I'm not even worth a measly £5?

    And actually it is not a scene for TVX :)
    I am not sure of the site it will be on but I will be sure to let you know when it's out!
    Satine xXx

  3. There's a credit crunch on Satine...I bet your student loan doesn't go far these days... x

  4. Ahh I always forget about that darn credit crunch!
    Well you never just know...I may get some freebies soon!
    Satine xXx