Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I forgot to say, voting ends on Sat 9th May at 23.59 and the winner will receive my undies!

Twit Twit Twoo...

Yes you've guessed it...I've only gone a gotten a twitter account.
So add me guys (and girlies), if you want to hear all about my random thoughts throughout the day.
And trust me, they are random.

I have managed to get a few photo's from the shoot with the HOT Cate Harrington which will be on her very own website soon enough!

I have a few more pieces of work out now and I am also up for round 3 of my Bukkake parties! I just can't get enough of them. So again, if you want to go, be sure to book in, it's on the 20th May!
I have also been put up on the Killergram website so go and check out my Dogging Mission.

Finally, I have chosen the top 4 idea's from you guys and have added one of my own, which I have put into a poll for you to chose your favourite!
And don't forget...the winner's answer gets my undies! (unless its me, I'll pick the second one)
Good Luck guys!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Internet Problems...Again

Hi guys, just a quick note to let you know that my internet is buggared at the moment so no more posts uintil it is fixed!
I am having to use shody computers in the uni to type this!
It's a nightmare.
Because of this, I will let you guys post any last minute ideas for my competition here!
I have nearly picked the top 5 so it will have to be original!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Why I Bum...Kevin Smith

This week I have been mostly bumming Kevin Smith.
Why? Because:
- He makes awesome films
- He plays a character that rarely says anything in his own films
- Jay and Silent Bob appear in almost every film (Bob is not in Zac and Miri!)
- Jason Mewes is HOT! (with shorter hair at least)
- His films are often made in places he used to work at (Clerks)
- He makes black and white films cool
- He is fat and cheery which makes him extra cool

Here are a few pictures to remind you just how cool he and his films are.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Television X Beta!

Last week I got to have a little looksie at the brand new Television X site!
Now I have managed to get you a screen shot of how the new site will look.
I think it looks great and I can't wait to start watching some hot porn on it!
I am not sure of the exact date the site is going to go live but I will let you know when I find out!

I also took a little picture of this yummy dinner I made the other day!
Venison burgers with home-made salsa along with sweet potato chips and salad with my own secret dressing! And no it's not something dirty!

Yum, Yum!
I'm really not much of a student am I?

I have been doing lots of uni work all week and then went out on Thursday night to our great rock club.
Then I went out again last night and guess what?
I am going out again tonight as well!

I also wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has entered my little competition so far and I will be picking the top 5 idea's and will put them into a poll for people to pick the best one!
The winner will then get my panties! And I will also try my hardest to do the actual scene for you!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Competition...Sort of

Well I decided to have a kind of competition.
I want to know what naughty scenes you guys would like to see me doing.
It can be anything you like so just let me know!
The person with the best idea (That I will/can actually do) will win a pair of signed undies!
It's your choice if you want them worn or clean! (I know some of you are dirty, dirty boys!)

Id love to hear what you would like to see me doing because then I can actually go and do it!
Also, I found a couple of pictures of my shoot from Killergram which you can see HERE.
That's all for now and I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Greece Part 2

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early again!
Boy I am not used to early mornings but it's worse that Greece is 2 hours ahead so getting up at 8am there is like getting up at 6am in the UK!
Madness lol, no one should be up at that hour.

Day three was by far the best day of the trip.
This was the day of the orgy scene!
After breakfast I did a rehearsal with Belle for our scene the next day and after that I had to go to make up and then get into my outfit.
There were a lot of scenes being filmed that day including a gay scene in this set.

And also Jasmine Lau's scene in this gorgeous looking bed!

I ended up having to sit around for ages in my outfit which was difficult as wings sure do get in the way!
When it finally got to the orgy scene, everyone was quite excited about it.
Me and the guys had had plenty of practice by the time we were ready to start!
I had mine with the main character in the film and another of my angel lovers!
It was a lot of fun and we really got into it. It was really nice to have two guys pleasing me together too!

I was knackered by the end of the day and typical that that was the day everyone was having a bit of a party in the kitchen.
We stayed up nattering till very late and then said goodbye to the guys as some of them were leaving the next day and I eventually went to bed at around 4am.
I woke up a little later to say goodbye to Jasmine as she was leaving early in the morning.
I had to get up at6.30am! :(

Once I was up on my last day it was back into make up to get ready for my sexy scene with the stunning Belle.
When I was ready I went to the kitchen for breakfast and this is what I saw!

It was absolutely stunning to look at.
I got ready for the scene which didn't take very long as I was naked for this one!
The guys filled up the gold bathtub with warm water and I got straight in.
It was soo weird to be in a bath full of water whilst surrounded by a film crew!
The scene went by soo quickly and it was stunning. Their was loads of energy on the set and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Afterwards I had a nap and began to pack my things as I was to go home later that day.
I got a little look at the last set which is where Belle and the main guy finally have their way with one another.

And I am afraid that is the end of my trip.
I headed home and was really sad to be leaving already.
I absolutely loved every minute of the trip and I really hope that I can work with all the guys again.
It was like one big, kinky family!
I will hopefully be hearing from everyone again in a couple of months time when the film comes out so fingers crossed it does well!

Here are a few of the film stills I managed to get. I think they look beautiful.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Greece Part 1

Well guys, I have had the most brilliant weekend in Greece.
I have FINALLY put up my posts about the trip!
I jetted off early on Friday morning and arrived in Athens by the afternoon.
Friday was spent lounging around and watching everybody else get ready for shooting.
The shoot was for a film which is called Penetration of Love and is being produced by an Israeli company.
Everyone was real nice and they shown me around the villa.
I took loads of photos of the view and of the swimming pool!

By later on I had been introduced to everyone and so we all sat down to dinner. As some of the people there did not eat meat, we all had vegetarian food which I was a little unsure about to start with. However, the cook was brilliant so the food was really nice and I got to try loads of stuff I had never had before.
After that I had to rehearse for the first scene tomorrow. A little odd for me, a rehearsal of a sex scene? I sure can't complain!
It was with the gorgeous Jimmy.
Then I was off to bed for the scene the next day.
I was up bright and early for make-up and the make-up guy was amazing!
I was all ready for my first scene dressed as an angel.

The idea of the film is that the main character, has a girlfriend who he doesn't love and at the start of the film he shags her and then falls asleep afterwards! Hehe, I know you guys have done that before!
His girlfriend then storms off and whilst the guy is asleep, he gets taken on a journey by Belle who is a "love fairy." He is then taken on a journey to see how to make love rather than have sex and also learns that love isn't always between a man and a woman.
Maybe a tad cheesy for some of you but the film was soo much fun to shoot and the chemistry on set was immense!
When I was on the set it seemed liked you really were in a different world, it was amazing.
My scene with Jimmy was of two angels who make hot love with one another! (Angels are naughty lovers!)
We got to do it on the table, on the floor, me on top, him on top and plenty more!
It was really fun to shoot and when we finished we got cheered by the whole cast and crew as it was a really sexy scene!

I was knackered after that so got my food then headed for bed shortly afterwards.
In the middle of the night I was awoken to see that Jasmine Lau had finally arrived!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Why I Bum...Aston Martin

This week I have been mostly bumming Aston Martin!
This is because, I got to drive one today!
Look at the awesome pictures of me driving it!
If you don't bum Aston Martin already then you should because:
- I got to drive one, so you should
- I want one, so you should
- They go very fast
- They are very comfy
- The seat adjusts by a button!
- They are just darn sexy
- James Bond drives one and he is cool

If you look closely, you can see me in the car.
I went to Nuneaton to drive it and got to go upto 150mph in the thing! It was a pretty fun day out and now I want to do it again!
It was soo much fun to drive that I would now rather have one of those than a house.
Unless someone would like to buy me one?

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

On a Dogging Mission

So last night me and my car got photographed for Killergram!
The shoot was loads of fun to do and it got me all wet on the way back thinking about it!
I went up to Loughborough to find that one of the roads I was to go on was shut.
So I had to detour round it to get to my location. Lucky for me, I gave myself extra time in case something like this happened.
I got there to be met up with Don, the awesome camera guy who films all the naughty antics that goes on in the dogging series.
We then waited till half 9 and left to head for the secret dogging location!
The idea is that when we leave, anyone who is coming leaves. And when we left at half 9, about 5 other cars followed us the whole way there.
How exciting!
We got to the dogging spot and I got straight to work on all those horny guys. I do love a bit of outdoors fun!
When one of the guys was about to cum on me, someone else decided they were too so they let loose all over my face and guess where else?
All over the other guys jacket! Hehe! Good thing it was waterproof I guess!
By the end of it I had a load down my face and a load on my bum!
It was a real fun shoot and I got to sign a copy Walton Street, the new Film Erotica film which I am in.
I then headed home and went straight to bed as I was knackered.
Hopefully I will have a bit more free time this week to catch up on all my blog posts!