Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Competition...Sort of

Well I decided to have a kind of competition.
I want to know what naughty scenes you guys would like to see me doing.
It can be anything you like so just let me know!
The person with the best idea (That I will/can actually do) will win a pair of signed undies!
It's your choice if you want them worn or clean! (I know some of you are dirty, dirty boys!)

Id love to hear what you would like to see me doing because then I can actually go and do it!
Also, I found a couple of pictures of my shoot from Killergram which you can see HERE.
That's all for now and I look forward to hearing your ideas!


  1. What sort of naughty scene?..really ..
    Well Satine I think you know already, all your fans (me included) would love to see you gangbanged, and even Dp'ed but hey we can dream.


    P x

    PS I had to burn my car mat I couldn't get the spunk out of it lol

  2. While I agree with P (I'd love to see you DP'd), I have a fairly cool suggestion that can be taken as one or as two parts:

    * Satine is at a beach (a proper one, not a UK one), wearing a skimpy Wicked Weasel bikini and a pair of flipflops. She is sunbathing and is approached by a burly stud wearing boardshorts. He seduces her and they fuck on Satine's beach towel, with Satine stripping from her bikini beforehand, but keeping the flipflops on.
    * At the end of the scene, the stud cums inside Satine's pussy and we get to see the cum oozing out after he shoots his milky-white load deep inside her.

    What do you think of that, Satine? You know how much I love bikinis, flipflops and creampies, and this fantasy scene incorporates it all! I'd love to be on location to direct this if it ever went ahead!

    Love ya work and love you lots


  3. Satinesparkfan here.

    Satine in sexy grand prix pitbabe gear (Aston Martin ;-) ) doing a blow job race shot from POV and is timed with a stopwatch as to how quickly she can get each stud to pop on her pretty face. The stud who can last longest wins a prize.

    Satine as a rock chick groupie blowing the band, in slutty groupie gear with loads of guitars and musical equipment around.

  4. Anything we like, hmmmmm well I've thought long and very very hard about this.

    I'd love to see you in a FTVgirls style glamour shoot, showing of your "sweet and innocent" natural beauty. But also to show of your "down and dirty side" and be a sex slave sub to a couple of doms and there various "toys".

    You did say anything:)

  5. Babe how about making it a Poll? I bet you’ve a few fantasies that you’ve played out in your head while you’re under the covers at night with your favourite rabbit.

    Give us a list of the hottest ones, each with a short story and scenario and we could choose our favourite (plus we could see how dirty your mind is ‘oh yum’)

  6. Hey Satine, I like to see a shoot where you're a sexy street walker, out walking the curb in some outrageous sexy gear when some guy in a car pulls up. The action would transfer to the car where you'd get fucked and cummed on.

    Another shoot I'd enjoy is an exhibitionist outdoor flashing gallery. You in a long dirty mac or something and fingering that sweet pussy with people nearby not know what is going on.

    Another idea would be to surprise a porno cinema and have some spunky, dirty fun with the unsuspecting cinema goers...just make sure I'm invited!

  7. ^^^That was nasty by the way, for some reason it wouldn't let me post my name!

  8. Hiya Satine! how about a scene where you are seduced by a older woman with some deep french kissing & she takes with a strap on.
    GD LK Babe xxx

  9. Hey Satine

    I'd love to see a shoot whereby you take on a group of guys in a swinging club.

    You'd arrive expecting a nice sexy evening with one bloke but soon you realise everyone is watching you so you start to put on a show to which a guys come over.

    Soon you are double blowing, getting taken spit roast style, double penetration then at the end you demand everyone cums over you.

    I'd be game for this as you know :)

  10. Satine sweetie, I think you'd look great in a latex nun's costume, doing very naughty things with crucifixes and candles... maybe in a chapel type setting... you could even be a good girl and say your prayers too!

  11. Hey Satine,I'd love to see you in a 'Lesbian Bukkake' scene,with as many girls as you can get hold of,all wanking off and cumming/peeing all over your pretty face.Bonus points for a good aim into your mouth! ;-)
    Or if you prefer,a mass bukkake scene with many guys cumming on your face,then washing it off with a watersports finale!

    Whatta ya say? :-)

  12. Satine ,i would love to see you doing lesbian golden showers and pee drinking fun with the british queen of piss Wendy Taylor

  13. the_joy_of_pain@hotmail.comApril 21, 2009 1:45 pm

    Dear Satine,

    Here's an idea. Why not become a Queen and sit yourself on a nice face and make your seat eat an lick you. Since you'll be in control of the seats breath, the seat will do anything to get some air.

    Think of all the power you'll have, orgasms when you want them and the fun of knowing that when the seat gets some air, it will only smell your fine pussy juices.

    Hope this will get you inspired.

    Kind regards from The Netherlands,