Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Greece Part 1

Well guys, I have had the most brilliant weekend in Greece.
I have FINALLY put up my posts about the trip!
I jetted off early on Friday morning and arrived in Athens by the afternoon.
Friday was spent lounging around and watching everybody else get ready for shooting.
The shoot was for a film which is called Penetration of Love and is being produced by an Israeli company.
Everyone was real nice and they shown me around the villa.
I took loads of photos of the view and of the swimming pool!

By later on I had been introduced to everyone and so we all sat down to dinner. As some of the people there did not eat meat, we all had vegetarian food which I was a little unsure about to start with. However, the cook was brilliant so the food was really nice and I got to try loads of stuff I had never had before.
After that I had to rehearse for the first scene tomorrow. A little odd for me, a rehearsal of a sex scene? I sure can't complain!
It was with the gorgeous Jimmy.
Then I was off to bed for the scene the next day.
I was up bright and early for make-up and the make-up guy was amazing!
I was all ready for my first scene dressed as an angel.

The idea of the film is that the main character, has a girlfriend who he doesn't love and at the start of the film he shags her and then falls asleep afterwards! Hehe, I know you guys have done that before!
His girlfriend then storms off and whilst the guy is asleep, he gets taken on a journey by Belle who is a "love fairy." He is then taken on a journey to see how to make love rather than have sex and also learns that love isn't always between a man and a woman.
Maybe a tad cheesy for some of you but the film was soo much fun to shoot and the chemistry on set was immense!
When I was on the set it seemed liked you really were in a different world, it was amazing.
My scene with Jimmy was of two angels who make hot love with one another! (Angels are naughty lovers!)
We got to do it on the table, on the floor, me on top, him on top and plenty more!
It was really fun to shoot and when we finished we got cheered by the whole cast and crew as it was a really sexy scene!

I was knackered after that so got my food then headed for bed shortly afterwards.
In the middle of the night I was awoken to see that Jasmine Lau had finally arrived!

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