Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Internet Problems...Again

Hi guys, just a quick note to let you know that my internet is buggared at the moment so no more posts uintil it is fixed!
I am having to use shody computers in the uni to type this!
It's a nightmare.
Because of this, I will let you guys post any last minute ideas for my competition here!
I have nearly picked the top 5 so it will have to be original!


  1. Hope you're back soon...

    Brooke x

  2. Not a new porn idea, but a while ago on bgafd there were a few people asking why so few British porn startlets use youtube, to post some (non porno)vids "answering fans questions", or "letting us know what your up to", that sort of thing.
    Being a techno savvy girl, bar the odd net problem, I thought you might be up for filling the void.

  3. Ah I didn't realise that people would like to see that! :)
    Well you better keep your eyes peeled!
    Satine xXx

  4. I'll certainly look out for it:)