Wednesday, 1 April 2009

On a Dogging Mission

So last night me and my car got photographed for Killergram!
The shoot was loads of fun to do and it got me all wet on the way back thinking about it!
I went up to Loughborough to find that one of the roads I was to go on was shut.
So I had to detour round it to get to my location. Lucky for me, I gave myself extra time in case something like this happened.
I got there to be met up with Don, the awesome camera guy who films all the naughty antics that goes on in the dogging series.
We then waited till half 9 and left to head for the secret dogging location!
The idea is that when we leave, anyone who is coming leaves. And when we left at half 9, about 5 other cars followed us the whole way there.
How exciting!
We got to the dogging spot and I got straight to work on all those horny guys. I do love a bit of outdoors fun!
When one of the guys was about to cum on me, someone else decided they were too so they let loose all over my face and guess where else?
All over the other guys jacket! Hehe! Good thing it was waterproof I guess!
By the end of it I had a load down my face and a load on my bum!
It was a real fun shoot and I got to sign a copy Walton Street, the new Film Erotica film which I am in.
I then headed home and went straight to bed as I was knackered.
Hopefully I will have a bit more free time this week to catch up on all my blog posts!


  1. Sounds like fun. So how does one get to be one of the lucky guys?

  2. Sorry about cumming on you gorgeous peachy bum darlin’ but who could’ve resist it. Though you did get to use my cat mat to kneel on .. sticky or wot! I think I’ll have to burn it :)Thanks for signing my DVD,you’re so sweet, it’s now under my pillow.

    Your fan for life

    P xOx (Mwah)

  3. I know you're a busy girl but I hope you'll have some time to post some more about your exploits soon. I see that there are some pictures of your dogging shoot under "Coming Soon To Killergram" at

  4. Love the blog, but stay as busy as you can if it means more of the good stuff. (Keep that Porn/Uni life balance in check)

    Love that big grin of yours, that seems to get bigger the nearer it gets to cock

  5. Hehe! I love your comment Jon, it sure is true!

  6. Good to see that you now have a page on the Killergram site: Satine Spark