Sunday, 5 April 2009

Why I Bum...Aston Martin

This week I have been mostly bumming Aston Martin!
This is because, I got to drive one today!
Look at the awesome pictures of me driving it!
If you don't bum Aston Martin already then you should because:
- I got to drive one, so you should
- I want one, so you should
- They go very fast
- They are very comfy
- The seat adjusts by a button!
- They are just darn sexy
- James Bond drives one and he is cool

If you look closely, you can see me in the car.
I went to Nuneaton to drive it and got to go upto 150mph in the thing! It was a pretty fun day out and now I want to do it again!
It was soo much fun to drive that I would now rather have one of those than a house.
Unless someone would like to buy me one?


  1. So Satine, how come you got to drive it?

  2. My lovely boyfriend bought me it as an experience for my birthday a while back!