Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ill...With a Vengence!

I have been so bloody ill for the last few days that I have had no energy (or desire) to post anything on here.
I woke up at 2am on the Wednesday I was supposed to be going home from Bristol, absolutely roasting hot with the worst fever ever.
When I actually woke up to leave I felt even worse and I had to get the train feeling ill the whole way back. When I got in I got into my bed and slept all day.
By the evening I did manage a trip to the cinema with the boyfriend to see Coraline and it was pretty cool.

The next day was spent pretty much the same...that is, in bed.
I was meant to go to Alton Towers for my friends birthday but I was way to ill to which sucked.

Then Friday was spent exactly the same...again!
I was most gutted about Friday as this was the day of the UKAP party which I never got to go to even though I had booked my hotel (which I have now lost all the money for) and purchased two tickets which I don't even think ended up going to anybody else.
And to make matters worse I got conjunctivitis on Friday! I guess the funny thing is that I now look like I am turning into one of those people from 28 Days Later, Haha! I even think I have passed it onto the other eye!
Ah I am so silly.

Today I am still ill but feel a tad more lively.
Thankfully I have no work until Thursday when I am doing another shoot with Simon D for Sub Am's!
So hopefully I will have recovered by then!

I also have some photo's from the shoot for I Luv Nerds but I will put them up when I am feeling better.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Just had to say...

That I am just watching Snakes on a Plane and this film is hilarious! Haha, I don't think I have seen a funnier film and it's more funny knowing that it is not even meant to be funny! phew...that was a lot of funny's in one sentence.

Calling all Bristolians!

I finished another shoot for I Luv Nerds today, this time with the hot, sexy, Shay Hendrix!
I headed down to Bristol on Sunday night as it is quite a journey for me!
When I arrived, I went to explore and went to the cinema to see Night at the Museum 2, It was pretty funny and made me giggle most of the way through it.
Then we went out for dinner at a real nice Chinese where I had a go at lobster!
Now that was pretty fun to eat as for those of you who have not tried it, you get the lobster chopped into pieces along with various 'tools' like a nutcracker!
It made for a fun dinner.

We started the shoot at 10.30 this morning and it was a fab shoot!
It followed on to the last one with Masie. I had went to Shay to be shown all about dom and how to be dominated so Shay gladly got into her latex gear and forced me into wild orgasms!
I had to strip naked and was then tied to the bed and gagged whilst Shay pleasured me until I came.
After a session of being dominated I decided that it was my turn to have a go at it. I then got to have my wicked way with Shay whilst she fucked the geek until she came.

It was an incredibly fun shoot and I can't wait for you guys to see it when it is up on the site! You will get to see all the naughty fun we got upto.

After the shoot I went into the town and went to stay at this lovely hotel called The Bristol Hotel.
Here are a few pics of the room I have :D

Now if only my halls were that nice...
I was meant to be visiting some friends whilst I was here but it seems that one of them is penniless so has gone home and the other has managed to hurt her head due to someone also known as, a cock. Lets wish her well and hope that she gets better soon.
She may be staying with me tomorrow though!

I would love to be going out for a night on the town tomorrow but have nobody to go with it would seem! So, if there are any sexy readers of this blog who happen to live in Bristol, feel free to leave me a message and take me out for a night in Bristol! :D
Its always more fun going out with random people.

Here are a few pics of the boyfriends bike across some pretty scenery. He sent me them today to make me jealous of the fact that he, 1. has a bike liscence and 2. has a bike.
It just unfair. Looks like he had a fun road trip though! if you can call that a road!)

Finally, I have been told that my shoot with Cate Harrington is finally up on her website! I suggest you guys check it out because it was HOT to shoot and who could NOT love Cate!?
Also, I am off to the UKAP party on Friday...Woo!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Nerd loving and facial cumming!

Haha! I knew I could rhyme...

Well on Wednesday night I had another Bukkake session over at the fab Club Retro!
I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the turn-up!
There must have been at least 20 guys there, all ready to spunk on my face!

I had a lot of fun that night even though I managed to get loads of the stuff in my eyes.
I had two rounds of spunk and I must say that my skin was super smooth after all of that!

I was accompanied by 2 lovely ladies who were there for the gangbang and to give me a hand or two.
When I get some photos of this and the last one, I will put them up for you.
It was funny on the way home because my eyes were really red and I worried that if the police pulled me over they might have thought I was on drugs.
Hehe...Just imagine their face if I told them why I really had red eyes!

Then yesterday I had another shoot for the I Luv Nerds website.
This one was with the sexy Masie Dee and she got to teach me how to have really good sex with guys AND girls! She got her nerd round to practise on and it sure was fun!

I also found a rather long clip from the shoot I did for JimSlip a while back. Have a look, it reminded me of how much fun I had!

Today I have the day off to relax and go to the union later on this evening. Leave me a comment or two for me to read whilst I am lazing all day!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Bored, Bored, Bored!

I am really bored at the moment as I have no work due to uni exams.
This means boring revision!

I have my Bukkake party coming up on Wednesday over at Club Retro so I am looking forward to seeing you guys down there!

I have been spending my time this week attempting to revise and failing miserably. So instead I have been going out in town with my friends who are all skint at the moment as its near the end of term and going to my favourite buddies' flat (my second home) and getting attacked with shaving foam and orange juice...

I've gotten all boring the last couple of weeks and just haven't had the time to update my blog or check my emails so I am sorry!
I am going to start doing my weekly, Why I Bum, again too seeming as I have forgotten to do it the last couple of weeks.

And a note to Bob have a pair of signed knickers on their way to you!

Im off again to do some more revision...and more perving over Hayley Williams (whilst listening to her awesome music)...Geez is that girl hot!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Welcome to!

Just letting you guys know that my blog address is now!
Hope to speak to you all soon,
Satine xXx

Monday, 11 May 2009

And The Winner Is...

Well guys...I have looked at the results and it would appear that the winner is... BOB SCHLONG!

(You get a little sneaky peek of my desktop)
Well done you! A pair of signed knickers will be on their way to you!
I will send you an email later about it.

You know what that means guys? I am going to try and book myself for a nice creampie shoot!
I am pretty sure that I will be able to do one of those for you all.

Also as this is a Sunday I should really be doing a Why I Bum post so today it will be... X Men Origins!

Watch this post and I need not say anymore...

Other news, my blog address will soon be changing to: But it is just going to be a blog, for now ;)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Adult LIve Take 2

Just thought I would let you guys know that I am here in the adult live tv studio right now and just waiting around until Im back on that screen again!

You may be pleased to hear that I will be doing some extreme stretching tonight! There will be fists and dildos right up my pussy!
You can't get better than that now, can you?

Well actually you can... I will be performing tonight along with the fabulous Tanya Cox as well as Ellah and Maise Dee!

Hopefully speak to you guys soon!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Fuckspace and things related

Well I have gotten my hands on the brilliant photo's from my scene with Jay Snake!
From this cute this!

That was an incredibly hot scene to shoot and I have to brag, I got to fuck Jay Snake...AND have fun with Claudia Rossi!
I don't think there are any hotter couples out there.
I don't think I need to say anything else really.
I will find out when it will be out on Television X's brand spanking new site.

I have no idea what that mark is on my face though...thanks for telling me guys!
I may well be working at the awesome Adult Live TV studio tomorrow evening too so you better watch out for me!
I'm hoping to get a few phone calls from you guys.
I'll let you know when I know everyone else that is going to be there.

Other than that I have been busying myself with uni work and exams...I need a nice break.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Kite Flying and Panty Wetting...

So I spent my bank holiday Monday flying my kite all day.
It was soo much fun, if you have never flew a kite before, I'd advise you to get one right now.

That is a video of me flying my kite when I managed to crash it most spectacularly. And don't mind my friends sniffles lol, it was bloody cold!

I will be sure to post more awesome kite flying videos soon!

I also went to the cinema on Tuesday to see the new X-Men Origins film! Oh my god it was amazing!!!
I actually could not name a single film better than it. I thought it was going to be awesome anyway, and it turned out to be twice as good as that!
It always helps that Hugh Jackmen is bloody hot as well as Liev Schreiber, Taylor Kitsch and Ryan Reynolds.
Now that is 4 hot guys all in one film! It was difficult for me to peel my eyes away from the screen at any one point!
Hot men aside, I highly recommend this film if you like a bit of blood thirsty action.
I fully intend on watching this film at least twice at the cinema.

I spent all of today in merry London doing a bit of panty wetting...opps!
I was finishing off my shoot for Wetting Her Panties and Wet and Dirty Panties.
I also had fun whilst giving my first panty-job as well as playing with my dirty knickers!
I think that was about everything I have been upto....I may also be working again on Saturday!