Monday, 18 May 2009

Bored, Bored, Bored!

I am really bored at the moment as I have no work due to uni exams.
This means boring revision!

I have my Bukkake party coming up on Wednesday over at Club Retro so I am looking forward to seeing you guys down there!

I have been spending my time this week attempting to revise and failing miserably. So instead I have been going out in town with my friends who are all skint at the moment as its near the end of term and going to my favourite buddies' flat (my second home) and getting attacked with shaving foam and orange juice...

I've gotten all boring the last couple of weeks and just haven't had the time to update my blog or check my emails so I am sorry!
I am going to start doing my weekly, Why I Bum, again too seeming as I have forgotten to do it the last couple of weeks.

And a note to Bob have a pair of signed knickers on their way to you!

Im off again to do some more revision...and more perving over Hayley Williams (whilst listening to her awesome music)...Geez is that girl hot!


  1. looking forward to seeing you again this week my sweet! =)

  2. Only 2 more days now til I get to meet you in person! Can't wait!!