Monday, 25 May 2009

Calling all Bristolians!

I finished another shoot for I Luv Nerds today, this time with the hot, sexy, Shay Hendrix!
I headed down to Bristol on Sunday night as it is quite a journey for me!
When I arrived, I went to explore and went to the cinema to see Night at the Museum 2, It was pretty funny and made me giggle most of the way through it.
Then we went out for dinner at a real nice Chinese where I had a go at lobster!
Now that was pretty fun to eat as for those of you who have not tried it, you get the lobster chopped into pieces along with various 'tools' like a nutcracker!
It made for a fun dinner.

We started the shoot at 10.30 this morning and it was a fab shoot!
It followed on to the last one with Masie. I had went to Shay to be shown all about dom and how to be dominated so Shay gladly got into her latex gear and forced me into wild orgasms!
I had to strip naked and was then tied to the bed and gagged whilst Shay pleasured me until I came.
After a session of being dominated I decided that it was my turn to have a go at it. I then got to have my wicked way with Shay whilst she fucked the geek until she came.

It was an incredibly fun shoot and I can't wait for you guys to see it when it is up on the site! You will get to see all the naughty fun we got upto.

After the shoot I went into the town and went to stay at this lovely hotel called The Bristol Hotel.
Here are a few pics of the room I have :D

Now if only my halls were that nice...
I was meant to be visiting some friends whilst I was here but it seems that one of them is penniless so has gone home and the other has managed to hurt her head due to someone also known as, a cock. Lets wish her well and hope that she gets better soon.
She may be staying with me tomorrow though!

I would love to be going out for a night on the town tomorrow but have nobody to go with it would seem! So, if there are any sexy readers of this blog who happen to live in Bristol, feel free to leave me a message and take me out for a night in Bristol! :D
Its always more fun going out with random people.

Here are a few pics of the boyfriends bike across some pretty scenery. He sent me them today to make me jealous of the fact that he, 1. has a bike liscence and 2. has a bike.
It just unfair. Looks like he had a fun road trip though! if you can call that a road!)

Finally, I have been told that my shoot with Cate Harrington is finally up on her website! I suggest you guys check it out because it was HOT to shoot and who could NOT love Cate!?
Also, I am off to the UKAP party on Friday...Woo!


  1. Isn't that hotel on the waterfront? Looks like it's been done up nice :) Loads of options on the other side of the bridge - lloyds, pitcher, & oceana. Firehouse is good for food and there are other things too. Cinemas in the watershed and arnolfini (sort of next door to you). Thekla is around the corner- great club/boat. Hope you have a great night here. If you do go out with someone, whoever they are they're screamingly lucky. Xxx

  2. aww well thanks for all the advice! :)
    And yes it sure is the one on the waterfront.

    I have just came back from a rather long shopping trip and boy was it fun! lol I wondered does anybody know where the shop Spunky is and if its still here?

    The last time I was in Bristol was about a year and a half ago so most of it has changed now!

    Satine xXx

  3. You mean the Clothes shop Satine? I think it is still in Bristol. Looking it up the address is 34 Park street, BS15JG.

    Tel: 0117 930 9266

  4. I sure did. I had a look down there and they have shut it down! :( it was my favourite shop down here...ah well.

  5. Aww too bad. Where are you from then, I can't work out your accent, I am normally good, but I can't work out yours. You sound a bit west country, but I can't work it out.

  6. Ah no one ever seems to be able to place me! :)

    I am from Northamptonshire, so pretty much in the middle.

    Satine xXx