Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ill...With a Vengence!

I have been so bloody ill for the last few days that I have had no energy (or desire) to post anything on here.
I woke up at 2am on the Wednesday I was supposed to be going home from Bristol, absolutely roasting hot with the worst fever ever.
When I actually woke up to leave I felt even worse and I had to get the train feeling ill the whole way back. When I got in I got into my bed and slept all day.
By the evening I did manage a trip to the cinema with the boyfriend to see Coraline and it was pretty cool.

The next day was spent pretty much the same...that is, in bed.
I was meant to go to Alton Towers for my friends birthday but I was way to ill to which sucked.

Then Friday was spent exactly the same...again!
I was most gutted about Friday as this was the day of the UKAP party which I never got to go to even though I had booked my hotel (which I have now lost all the money for) and purchased two tickets which I don't even think ended up going to anybody else.
And to make matters worse I got conjunctivitis on Friday! I guess the funny thing is that I now look like I am turning into one of those people from 28 Days Later, Haha! I even think I have passed it onto the other eye!
Ah I am so silly.

Today I am still ill but feel a tad more lively.
Thankfully I have no work until Thursday when I am doing another shoot with Simon D for Sub Am's!
So hopefully I will have recovered by then!

I also have some photo's from the shoot for I Luv Nerds but I will put them up when I am feeling better.


  1. cant wait for the i love nerds stuff to be posted satine... hope you get well soon and get back to making us happy boys and girls xxxroy boy

  2. You had a rough time of it lately Satine. I am sure the rest has done you good.

    Take care of yourelf and eat plenty of fruit. x

  3. Ha, Ha, That should have been Yourself, I didn't think you had an Elf as a room mate.

  4. Poor hunny,wishing you all the very best!
    Get well soon Satine.
    I'm sure plenty of man jism will sort out those eyes for you!

    Take care sweetie,
    Bob xxx

  5. Get well soon, Satine! Maybe you need a warm protein injection!