Saturday, 9 May 2009

Adult LIve Take 2

Just thought I would let you guys know that I am here in the adult live tv studio right now and just waiting around until Im back on that screen again!

You may be pleased to hear that I will be doing some extreme stretching tonight! There will be fists and dildos right up my pussy!
You can't get better than that now, can you?

Well actually you can... I will be performing tonight along with the fabulous Tanya Cox as well as Ellah and Maise Dee!

Hopefully speak to you guys soon!


  1. Hi Satine
    Is there a web feed of your antics tonight for those of us who can't get you on TV?

  2. u were fucking hot 2nite babe shame no cock 4 u I will look forward to that next time.


  3. Satine
    Do you have any photos or clips from this show? There don't seem to be any on the Adult Live TV site.

  4. Thanks guys and yes I sure will have some clips, hopefully sent to me today or tomorrow.
    I will of course post them up for you!
    Satine xXx