Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Kite Flying and Panty Wetting...

So I spent my bank holiday Monday flying my kite all day.
It was soo much fun, if you have never flew a kite before, I'd advise you to get one right now.

That is a video of me flying my kite when I managed to crash it most spectacularly. And don't mind my friends sniffles lol, it was bloody cold!

I will be sure to post more awesome kite flying videos soon!

I also went to the cinema on Tuesday to see the new X-Men Origins film! Oh my god it was amazing!!!
I actually could not name a single film better than it. I thought it was going to be awesome anyway, and it turned out to be twice as good as that!
It always helps that Hugh Jackmen is bloody hot as well as Liev Schreiber, Taylor Kitsch and Ryan Reynolds.
Now that is 4 hot guys all in one film! It was difficult for me to peel my eyes away from the screen at any one point!
Hot men aside, I highly recommend this film if you like a bit of blood thirsty action.
I fully intend on watching this film at least twice at the cinema.

I spent all of today in merry London doing a bit of panty wetting...opps!
I was finishing off my shoot for Wetting Her Panties and Wet and Dirty Panties.
I also had fun whilst giving my first panty-job as well as playing with my dirty knickers!
I think that was about everything I have been upto....I may also be working again on Saturday!


  1. Appriciate the vid posting. I noticed your porn Idle sasha gray, seems to be making quite a big impact on the mainstream, a mainstream film and the odd article in the broad sheets anyway.
    Good to see a women that pushes the boundries of porn and so obviously enjoys the extreme stuff make it big

  2. God I fancy Wolverine. I'm so jealous, haven't seen it yet.

    Hope the panties action was fun!!

    Brooke x

  3. Fancy being gangbanged by the rugby league team?